Lark Skov From ‘Claim To Fame’ Is Cindy Crawford’s Niece, Relation Explained! Know About Family

Lark Skov From ‘Claim To Fame’ Is Cindy Crawford’s Niece, Relation Explained! Know About Family:- There were various rumors about the family connection between Crawford and Lark Skov. People were curiously speculating on the family relation of Lark Skov with Crawford. But now the viewers have found that Crawford is related to Lark Skov who is being seen on Claim To Fame. Now it is expected that the viewers of Claim to Fame might have figured out how Crawford is related to Lark Skov. In addition, Lark Skov also has claimed that one of his aunts was a supermodel during the 1980s. And now they have discovered that Lark Skov’s supermodel aunt was no other than Crawford who also follows Lark Skov on Instagram. We have ample aspects to discuss Lark Skov. So keep reading this article and must take a look at the further given sections. Scroll down the page.

Lark Skov From 'Claim To Fame' Is Cindy Crawford's Niece Relation Explained Know About Family Details Age Reason Revealed Wiki Bio Model Details Photos Pics


Lark Skov From ‘Claim To Fame’ Is Cindy Crawford’s Niece

Yes, Crawford follows Claim To Fame star Lark Skov on Instagram which is also an indication of their family connection. Reportedly, Lark Skov also has given hinted on the show that her connection to fame is a catwalk star when appearing on the program now hosted by Kevin Jonas and Frankie. Kindly scroll down the page and read more about this topic.

Reportedly, as many as 12 participants are competing with celebrity relatives on the hit show Claim To Fame to take $100,000 home with them. The main task of the game is to keep their famous celebrity relative a secret while attempting to recognize the popular family relatives of their co-stars by sharing a home without the permission of using social media to help in figuring out their co-star’s real identities. Now it is rumored that the Lark Skov might be relative to Crawford. It is speculated that Lark Skov might be the niece of Cindy Crawford.

Talking about Lark Skov’s parents, she was born to Michael Storey Skov and Danielle Skov. In addition, her dad is working as ESI’s Director of Business and Contract Development. At this point in time, Lark Skov is 24 years of age and she surged to fame due to her appearance on an ABC program. Now she is striving to win $100,000 on Claim To Fame with other 11 contestants. She is available on Instagram under the username @sharkthelark. Lark Skov’s IG account is private at this time. Stay tuned to this website for more details and reports.

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