Latest News! Sasural Simar Ka 14th June 2016 Episode Written Update

Latest News! Sasural Simar Ka 14th June 2016 Written Episode Update :- The last night episode of the TV series Sasural Simar Ka begins with Maani says you don’t want to understand that I want my powers back for which I need Sid back. I don’t have another option but I have to kill you all the Bharadwaj family. The family is shocked to hear so.

sasural simar ka today written updates

sasural simar ka today written updates

Now The Bharadwaj family is scared with Chandra Maani as Chandra Maani believes that she loses her power for the Bharadwaj family and now she need to kill them to grab the same.

Sasural Simar Ka Written Episode Update

Now Prem saves Simar in his hands and give her to Prerna. He beats down a man. Sattu hits one with stone. They all hit them. Simar says my days are ending but Prem says that Prerna says we will be saving you.

One comes with bullet and says I will kill Mata Ji now but Sid manages to save Mata Ji by attacking on the man with the rod at him. Manni tries to pick up a gun. Prerna puts her foot on her hand. Prerna picks the gun and points at Maani.

Maani says anyhow now Simar will be dying on my hands. You guys can’t do anything with me but Prem bring mirror in front of her. The mirror was covered with clothe but Mata Ji remove the cloth.

But when Chandra Maani looks at the mirror, the mirror broken down, the family is shocked. Maani now laughs and said that nobody can harm me anyway.

Now Simar also realised that she will be dying now as Maani is now all set to kill Simar. But Mata ji says life is in God’s hands. We won’t let anything happen to our beloved Simar.

Simar says to Prerna to convey the message that I really love my family a lot. Prerna says nothing will happen to you. God won’t let anything happen to you. Maani says this is time to talk to Simar as today is her last day.
Prem arrives there and said to Simar that I really love you and whole family. And you all have to learn to live without her, Prerna says with teary eyes. Prem screams Simar……………… and he started crying.

Prem says God you have to save her. You can’t do this. And the Bharadwaj family is crying now. Chandra Maani in the mean time, very happy that Simar is die and she also said that now my revenge is done as Simar is finally die.
Meanwhile, Baba did Pooja and he said while doing Pooja that there must be any mistake done by us but god is so kind, nothing will be happen with Simar anyhow, we have to save her. God will be save her. Prerna also reveals to Prem that this Baba made Siamr a bee.

And Baba after knowing the truth seek pardon from the Bharadwaj family to make Simar human again but Baba denied to do so as he is unable to do so and Prem sit on his fit and cries in front of Baba.

Baba also said that I did a blunder by making a human bee and for this the god will never forgive me, the family is anxious and shocked now.