Latest Story Today! Krishnadasi 17th June 2016 Episode Written Updates

Latest Story Today! Krishnadasi 17th June 2016 Episode Written Updates :- In the last night episode of the TV series Krishnadasi, it has been shown that Aradhya (Sana Sheikh) gets into trouble as the Rao family wants her to leave the house, and some of the family members also started conspires behind her!

Krishnadasi Episode Written Updates

Krishnadasi Episode Written Updates

Krishnadasi Episode Written Updates

On the other hand, Aryan (Shravan Reddy) will be seen helpless as he respects his Abba a lot and he always accepts each and every order of his Abba. Now Aryan is stuck with Abba’s promise, and he also decides to sign the divorce papers to save Aradhya. As we all know, Aradhya has been hypnotized by Kaveri, and she is now acting like Bhamini.
Although Kaveri does this, as she want to help Purva, and she wants Purva to be the Bahu of the Rao family. And Kaveri also wants Purva to be united with the Rao family.

Purva is annoyed with Aradhya, and Purva even plan to kill Aradhya by hanging her from the window, but luckily Tulsi sees the same and she screams and call Aryan and Aryan manages to save Aradhya.

But, Aradhya suffers blood loss, and after a lot of search for her blood group, Shashwat’s blood group matches hers.

During this period, a lot of doubts arise and Kumudini’s secret is about to rveal and Tulsi gets to know that she is not suffering from cancer. Neither Chimaji’s nor Tulsi’s blood match with Aradhya’s blood group and they are the legal parents of the Aradhya. Everybody is shocked to see that Aradhya’s parents’ blood did not match with Aradhya.
But how Aradhya’s father in law’s blood matches with her blood, Pavitra and Nakku are shocked with that Shashwat’s blood matches with Aradhya’s blood group.

Now Abba keep a condition that Sashwat can give blood to Aradhya provide that Aryan will be later on need to give divorce to Aradhya and he should then marry Purva, it puts Aryan in dilemma but he gives his nod as right now he need to save the Aradhya’s life.

Now Sashwat donate the blood to Aradhya and Aradhya is saved now, she is also happy to know from Tusli that Aryan cares for her, and he went through a lot of trouble to save her. Aradhya also thanks baba for saving her life, but she shocks to see that Abba asked her to sign the divorce papers!