Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius 2018 Live Stream from NASA’s 27 July 2018

The Blood Moon, is touted as the TOTAL lunar eclipse that will be the peak in the night skies over the UK this week – but, this will be yet to know that when and where this much awaited lunar eclipse is all set to visible or will be seen?

Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Aquarius Live Stream

The second Blood Moon of the year is all set to grace the night skies with its presence of the July 27, on this Friday, in the late afternoon hours.

Stargazers is expected to catch a glimpse of the moon because this will glow a deep-red color that will be delighted to know the eclipse will be able to be seen in the whole nation.

The moment the eclipse started will not be visible in the UK but the red color and the blemished moon will appear above the horizon shortly after sometimes.

The first stage of the eclipse is regarded and named as the penumbral stage that is all set to occur around 6.14pm BST when the sun is still up in the sky and can be seen.

Full eclipse will start below the horizon at around 8.30pm and end at 10.13pm BST.

2018 Aquarius Full Moon – July 27, 2018

1:20 PM PDT / 4:20 PM EDT / 8 20 PM GMT / 9:20 PM BST

4 Leo 44 / 4 Aquarius 44

Astrology Forecast for the 2018 Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse


The total eclipse is all set to clock in at one hour and 43 minutes, with some another partial and penumbral eclipsing, making it the longest lunar eclipse of the nation anyway.

What time is the Blood Moon lunar eclipse over the UK?

The lunar eclipse is now at its peak out over the horizon at moonrise, a moment or two after 8.30pm BST but the exact moment is going to vary from cities to cities.

In Brighton, moonrise will not be directly visible, that will be awaiting after 8.46pm BST, for example.

Since the moon will hang low on the horizon throughout the eclipse, stargazers in Scotland can look for the good vantage point with an unhindered view of the southeastern skies.

The lunar eclipse is all set to mark its ending in the whole nation by around 12.30am when the moon will return to its normal white glow eventually.

What path will the Blood Moon lunar eclipse take?

The Blood Moon’s path of totality can be witness the moon passes over large swaths of Central Asia and Eastern Africa.

Outlying areas in Europe, South America, West Africa and Southeast Asia sit outside of the way which is of the totality and will only see the eclipse with moonrise or moonset.

regrettably, this places the entire North American continent and Central America outside of the moon’s eclipse range and variety is differed.

The NASA eclipse map above shows the extent of the Blood Moon’s reach this Friday.

in the southeast sky, In the UK, the moon will appear low, which is also touted as near and close to the horizon before it moves up fairly high in the southern skies by the end of this eclipse.

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