Madhuben Confess To Kill Kokila!Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th March 2016 Written Updates

Madhuben Confess To Kill Kokila!Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th March 2016 Written Updates :- The last night episode of the TV series “Saath Nibhana Saathiya” starts with Kokila is thinking about the Modi family’s happiness. Now Ahem comes home early to drop the kids to school but Kokila Modi stops him saying he needs to present for the rituals. So now Radha accompanies the kids to the car and also she shows her evil features.

Radha warns them to call her Badi Mummy as they fail in their attempts to stop the marriage.

Now Rashi feels bad that Baa has given the Khandani necklace to Radha and now Rashi is anxious that who will be having the keys of MM. She discuss this with Urmi and she says that they a KK to stop the marriage.

saath nibhaana saathiya episode

Now Vidya is eagerly waiting for Saher, Samar and Pappu to come with Ahem. The kids describe Radha as the evil devil and for kids Gopi is the fairy. The kids call Radha as devil. Now kids leave for their school but when Vidya realised that the Ahem did not come, Vidya get hurts and feel very bad and starts crying. Vidya asked to the kids why Ahem did not come; the kids said that Kokila actually stopped Ahem from being coming.

Now the kids discuss with Vidya that they wants to stop Radha’s marriage. Vidya stay mute about this but she prays for her parents happiness.

Meanwhile, Kokila, Madhuben, Ahem and Gopi leave for the temple to attain Puja ceremony and Gopi is anxious as once Radha tries to kill Kokila Modi.

Anyway, Dharam gives new clothes to Vidya and asks to exchange it if she does not like it. She says he gave her with love and will love it. Vidya says to Dharam that she liked this one.

Then now Dharam give gifts to Shravan and Durga. Meera thinks he brought gift for even her, but he gives gifts for servants and asks everyone to get ready. Meera feels sad as Dharam did not bring anything for her, so tears come in her eyes.

Madhuben decided that in this temple it is surely Kokila will loss her life, and Kokila also feels weird something is going to happen. Gopi said to Kokila nothing will be happen to you wrong as my love and Thakur Jee is always with us. Now Gopi takes selfie with Kokila.

Precap: Sona shows a video to Madhuben in which she is confessing that she will kill Kokila ruthlessly.