Mahashivratri special! Neeli Chhatri Waale 28th February 2016 Written Updates

This week the Zee TV’s show unique “Neeli Chatri Waale” to have the Mahashivratri special so the television show fans are ready to witness this amazing episode on tonight. The Garima Productions TV series “Neeli Chatri Waale” is consists of a unique theme which depicts a special bond between a common man Bhagwandsas (Rajesh Kumar) and Shivaye (Himanshoo Soni).

Mahashivratri special! Neeli Chhatri Waale 28th February 2016 Written Updates

In the TV shows it is showed every week episode that the Bhagwandaasis confronted with so many problems which he shaers with Shivaye but Shivaye usually never help Bhagwandaas and eventually at the end of the day Bhagwandaas himself solve his problem.

However, Shivaye always shows him right path and right attitude which a person need to get rid of his all problems. This week it is yet to show in the TV series “Neeli Chatri Waale” that Bhagwandaas will be celebrate the auspicious occasion of Mahashivratri along with his family consists of his wife Bobby (Disha Savla), Aatmaraam Chaubey and his kids Baabli and Babloo.

As per report, this special episode of the TV show “Neeli Chatri Waale” will be shot in the beautiful locales of Maheshwar and Omkareshwar in Madhya Pradesh. Moreover, the popular reality shows “Bigg Boss” fame actress Shraddha Sharma will be seen doing cameo in this special Mahashivraatri episode. It is yet to reveal that what kind of role will be Shraddha Sharma will be playing.

As per report, tonight story of the show will be like, Shraddha Sharma will be essaying role of a Sadhvi, who fall for Bhagwandaas and will announce him as her husband and eventually kidnap him to marry him. But due to Bhagwandas would be on Maun Vrat (pact of silence), he would not able to work against of it apart from neither he is able to raise his voice against the Sadhvi.

Eventually, Bobby (Disha Savla) and Baby (Melissa Pais) would go in concealing outfit to save Bhagwandas. Whether Bobby and Baby will be able to save Bhagwandaas or the Sadhvi will be succeed in marrying him.

Find out in the tonight episode of the show “Neeli Chatri Waale” at 8:30 PM only on Zee TV and this episode will be 2 weeks long episode which will be telecast on 28th February and next week 6th March. Stay tuned for more updates of the show.