Zindagi Ki Mehek/Mahek 19th October 2016 Written Updates! Mahek hugs shaurya

Zindagi Ki Mehek/Mahek 19th October 2016 Written Updates! Mahek hugs shaurya :- Zee TV most marvelous entertaining program, Zindagi Ki Mahek looks like an extraordinary interesting show, which gives the high voltage potential that changes to the Zindagi Ki Mahek followers.


Zindagi Ki Mahek 19th October 2016 Written Update

The popular TV series Zindagi Ki Mahek forever made to give goose bumps to the observers with its never escaping the dilemma way and definitely the great crux of the show is to showcase in the latest episodes that, Mahek says sir I am sad I get anxious I have fear from the weight. I will do anything. Shaurya says you will isn’t that right? I can see that. Get out. All of a sudden lights go off. Mahek embraces Shaurya

Where In the most recent episode,Rajiv says you need to pick on the free and primary element of your dish Chocolate cheddar or coco. You have 40 minutes and your time begins now.

Every one of the competitors is occupied in cooking. Shaurya says so mahek what are you wanting to cook? She drops a container. He says don’t stress you have a considerable measure of time and there is enchantment in your grasp.

So what have you thought? What’s your arrangement and procedure? Indian Chinese Italian? You have fixings, let me know. She says I haven’t chosen that yet. He says just 38 mins are cleared out. Everybody has begun working.

You understand the significance of time? On the off chance that you exclude this time,nothing would spare you. He whispers I know you are nothing. Mahek runs out.

Shaurya blinks at Rajiv. Media asks Mahek what happened, mom? Why you turned out? They assault her with inquiries.

Mahek is wailing. Her head harms. She reviews how shaurya offended her. She has a craving for blacking out. Rajiv says mahek stop. Kanta is calling Mohit.

Their bicycle slams into another. They enjoy a battle. Mahek is crying sitting on a roadside seat. She gets the call from Kanta. Mahek is crying. She gets. Kanta says would you say you are alright? Did you reach on time?

Mohit is stuck in something. We are coming to in 10 minutes. Where are you? Why am I listening to the movement? Mahek says I am fine. she hangs up.

She reviews Kanta being pleased with her. She reviews when everybody celebrated. Mahek says how I kept running without attempting? Did I break everybody’s fantasy due to a man?

I was terrified of Shaurya Khanna to such an extent? Such a variety of trusts is connected with me. My kanta chchi and Rajiv sir. I can’t surrender.

I can’t be terrified. She gets a content from Rajiv, there is the win after dread. try not to be anxious you will shake. Mahek says I need to about-face.

See Shaurya I am coming. Kanta says gives up Mohit. Mahek keeps running back towards the sets. Mahek returns to sets and asks where is Rajiv’s room? they advise her.

She comes to the room and says sir, I am extremely sad only one shot. Shaurya is there, topless. They are both entranced.