Zindagi Ki Mahek/Mehak 2nd November 2016 Written Updates! Shaurya Gets Angry

Zindagi Ki Mahek/Mehak 2nd November 2016 Written Updates! Shaurya Gets Angry :- ZEE TV most delightful recreational show, Mehak looks like an enjoyable interesting program, which gives the colossal voltage execution loop that turns to the Mehak followers.


Mehak 2nd November 2016 Written Update

The essential TV series Mehak lastingly made to give goose bumps to the onlookers with its never going dilemma way and particularly the significant crux of the show is to showcase in the newest episode that, Mahek says to Shaurya that you know there is nothing basic amongst you and your mom, she is incredible and you are modest, did she embrace you from some place? She clears out. Shaurya gets furious and knocks his clench hand on an auto rooftop, he sees the flyer of Mahek’s welcome lying on ground and gazes at it.
Where In the latest episode, Shaurya says let’s see who had more guts. He requests that Ria exhibits her dish, she does, they taste it, Rajiv says its decent, Shaurya says sublime, all applaud. Ashmit brings his dish, Rajiv asks what dish it is?

He tells stuffed mushrooms in the smooth sauce, they taste his dish. Shaurya says there is no mushroom taste in it, Rajiv says better fortunes net time. Shaurya requests that Mahek displays her dish. Mahek conveys it to them, Shaurya says let us perceive what amount of guts you have, what you cooked?

Mahek says chicken malai, Shaurya says an even name is bl**dy white collar class, Rajiv says its enticing, let’s taste. Rajiv and other judge taste it, Rajiv says goodness, this is astounding, you astonish me generally, Geeta says this is incredible, I am shocked how you cooked it.

Mahek says it doesn’t matter how you cook it till you cook from the heart, Geeta says you have taken show to next level, Mahek gazes Shaurya, he tastes her chicken and says not awful, it’s decent, Mahek grins, all applaud Mahek.

Mahek says bless your heart.. sir, she sweetly grins at him, shaurya is going to leave however Mahek stops him by calling him, she says I am sad in regards to my chachi’s words, she shouldnt have said it, it’s her own and general conclusion.

She said it accidentally, Shaurya says you may have taken care of this round yet I won’t overlooks your chachi’s words, Mahek says then you ought to have fizzled me, ought to have rejected me, Shaurya says I may despise cook of dish yet I can never dismiss great dish.

They glare each other, Shaurya clears out. Mahek embraces Kanta and says we did it, thank you, she embraces her family.

Mahek is leaving tryout with family. Kanta asks where is Nahel? Mohit says she should be in auto. Kanta says Mahek took care of everything, Jeevan says we ought to cook chicken in house starting now and into the foreseeable future.

Mahek sees Rajiv and Shaurya talking. She requests that Mohit gives flyer that Ravi printed, he gives her, she requests that they go to auto, they clear out.