Mani Slaps Adi! Ye Hai Mohobattein 10th May 2016 Today Episode Written Update

Mani Slaps Adi! Ye Hai Mohobattein 10th May 2016 Episode Written Update :- Ashok listens Mihika talking to Ishita and he asks Mihika that Is Ishita still alive? Mihika avoids saying that she was talking about Ishita with a friend of her and She is dead. Ashok didn’t convince with her.

Mani Slaps Adi

Ye Hai Mohobattein Episode Written Update

Aaliya is going to her home someone reach there and grasp her keeping his hand on her mouth. Raman finds himself in a stranger’s house meanwhile, he got a call from Toshi. She asks him where he is? He told her everything.

Ishita is at airport Mani reaches there with tickets and also tries to stop her but she refuses and within few minutes she got a call who informs that Aaliya is in trouble.

Aadi told Shravan that he scolds that girl now she will never bother you thereafter. The police came to the spot and asks Aadi to arrest. He asks the reason but they refuse to tell. He calls Mihika asks for help and told her that police came there to arrest him.

Ishita reaches Police station to meet Aaliya. She told her that somebody clench her and molest her meanwhile a man reached there and shouts at him so that he ran away. She lodges an FIR against Aadi as she has a doubt on Aadi.

Iyer family is talking about Aadi’s arrestation. Shravan tells them that he is in trouble because of him. Toshi listens to him.

The police torture Aadi and beats him badly to make him confess the crime. Raman came to know that Aadi got arrested. Toshi got panic and Raman rushes to Police station.

Raman reaches to meet Aadi but the inspector refuses to permit him. He also tells him that he got arrested in charge of molestation.

Aaliya was asked to recognise that person. Raman came again with permission letter. Aaliya recognises Aadi and Ishita yells at him for bothering Aaliya.

Raman came there and Ishita recognises his voice. Raman defence him.

Ishita and Raman came face to face. Raman is shocked to see her. He goes away from there.


Ishita came to know that arrested person is Aadi her son. Mani came there and starts beating Aadi. Ishita tries to stop him and says he cannot do this. He is her son Aadi.