Marathi Pinjara Movie Review & Rating | Box Office Collection | Hit or Flop

Marathi Pinjara Movie Review & Rating | Box Office Collection | Hit or Flop : Pinjara is Marathi movie going to re-release this week in cinemas after 44 years this movie is one of the famous movie and surely this movie is going to attract audience aging towards it because this movie is so good and entertaining this movie has not that big competition this week .

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Pinjra is having its re-release in digital format and change in sound format on 18 March 2016. Pune-based Purushottam Laddha is all set to re-release the film, two-month-long process cost Laddha Rs ₹1.25 crore. With that budget I don’t think this movie is going to failed in recover it. Also this movie has good buzz among the people.

Marathi Pinjara Movie Review & Rating

I think this movie going to collect more than budget also this movie is just not the deal of making money this movie is more than that this movie is all about re- living the history and I think people who wanted to see the great hit of old time they can watch this movie.

Story based on-

A “Mastar” (Marathi version of ‘Master’) named Shridhar Pant(guruji) is an upright school teacher; a man of high morals. Unfortunately, the Maharashtrian village, where he teaches, does not value these qualities. A Tamasha group comes to the village. The lead dancer of the group, Chandrakala (Sandhya Shantaram) steals the heart of every man in the village. The teacher is righteously infuriated by their lack of morals. He vents his anger on the dance group in form of a speech and by demolishing their temporary dwelling places.

The dancer is hurt by this and decides to take revenge by staying and performing. Gradually, even adult school students start skipping class to see Tamasha. The teacher decides to confront the dancer after a performance. During a performance, she is badly injured and in humanity and humility guruji helps her. During this period, he is overwhelmed by lust that he had never before encountered. Horrified, he asks her to keep it a secret. This movie is all about that.

Positive point of the movie-

  • This movie has good history and people know that this movie is good.
  • This movie has good acting and people going to love that.
  • After digital sound I am sure that this movie is going to be big.

Negative point of the movie-

I don’t think there’s anything bad in this movie I am sure that people going to love this movie.

Final verdict-

If you really love history and wanted to watch this movie then I am sure that this movie is going to be big deal for you. Go and watch it.

Directed by: V. Shantaram

Produced by: V. Shantaram

Written by: Shankar Babaji Patil

Starring: Shriram Lagoo, Sandhya, Nilu Phule

Music by: Ram Kadam

Jagdish Khebudkar (lyrics)

Cinematography: Shivaji Sawant

Re-releasing date- 18 march

Rating: 3/5