Meera says she will not spare Anyone! Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th March 2016 Episode Written Update

Meera says she will not spare Anyone! Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th March 2016 Episode Written Update : The last episode of the TV series “Saath Nibhana Sathiya” starts with the Sona is doing discrimination with the Pari by serving diet Khichdi to her and other family members are enjoying tasty food. Pari gets angry on seeing this and tried to feed the Khichdi to the Hetal. But Hetal refused which makes Pari angrier on the Sona.


Naiya got herself locked in the room and changes her clothes she is also thinks to have a better future as from her childhood days she is suffering a lot and she also decides to rule her in-laws house after having the Vidya’s kid as now with the birth of the son it is Naiya will be giving it gift to the Kadambari to shows her worthy.

Now Naiya has been keep dreaming about princess lifestyle in the Kadambari house. Meanwhile, Gaura comes in the room, and now Naiya have to remove her colourful dress and lipstick to dress up like a widow and when Gaura notice lipstick means red colour in her lips.

Gaura asked her about this and now Naiya said that it is her mother in law is used to beat up her everyday and this red is mark of that wound which she receives every day. Gaura goes emotional with this. And now Naiya also left to work.

Now Vidya rush towards her room to cry when Dharam tried to convince Vidya to have some food and to forget whatever happened to her. He tried to justify the Kadambari’s act by saying that Vidya can get a child in future also, but Naiya will not get any child in her life.

Now Meera came in the Dharma’s room to ask him take a knife and cut out his heart. He goes angry and screams at the Meera. So now Meera explains that if he can’t give his heart to someone else then how can he expect Meera to give his child to someone else and when the child is sleeping on the Vidya’s womb.

Now Gaura come there and try to insult Meera by shouting at her but Meera had been managed to defend herself and said that she will not bare anything wrong to happened with her sister Vidya and her kid. Dharam and Vidya both got shocked and looked on!!!