Mehender & Swamia get married! Shakti 8th July 2016 Today Episode Written Updates

Mehender & Swamia get married! Shakti 8th July 2016 Today Episode Written Updates :- In the last night episode of the TV series Shakti, it has been shown that Maninder was talking with Nimmi and was saying that we have to send Soumya with them and this marriage cannot happen at all. Nimmi was crying Maninder said that our daughter is not like other girl and if she will be getting married then this will be bringing profane and bad mouths for our family.

Shakti Today Episode Written Updates

Shakti Today Episode Written Updates

Shakti Today Episode Written Updates

Maninder is an emphasis that Saumya should not be married and if her in-laws and Harman will be getting to know the reality, they will not spare us. Maninder gives three days time period to Nimmi and asked her to think that what she think will be better for Saumya, is her wedding with Harman or she need to send the Barati back from the Singh house.

Preeto tries to explain to Harman’s dad that this wedding is not possible but Harman’s dad says that the wedding will be done and Harman needs to marry Saumya anyhow and Harman is also ready for the wedding.

Surbhi was sad and asked Nimmi to decide about Soumya’s marriage. Nimmi asked her to go and asked her not to tell what she has to do with Soumya. Now on the night time, Nimmi moved to Soumya with a bag packed with clothes. Soumya wakes up and saw Nimmi in front of her and she is shocked.

Nimmi asked her to get up and leave from here as there are many enemies of her. Soumya denied and asked you need to tell me why you keep me intact with you and why you not let me move around society. Then a glass fell down and Dadi came in the room by hearing that sound. Dadi asked Nimmi that it will be fine Suamya to get married to Harman as he is a good guy.

In the morning Nimmi took Harman’s phone number from Surbhi and asked him to meet at temple alone and said there is something urgent to discuss. Harman was confused that what is the matter. Preeto came to Harman and asked her to deny the marriage but Harman said that he will marry Saumya as she is a nice girl.

Preeto tries to explain to Harman but Harman announced that he will marry Saumya whether you agree with it or not. So it would be better if you accept Saumya as your daughter-in-law and my wife. Preeto is shocked and looked on.
Precap: Maninder tries to announce that Saumya’s wedding will not do but a strange woman come and warning him that let the wedding happen unless you will lose your life.