Shanti kicks out nirmala! Mere Agne Mein 25th September 2016 Episode Written Updates

Shanti kicks out nirmala! Mere Agne Mein 25th September 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The show started with Bunty’s Aunty meet with Bunty and told him everything about Shanti cheating her and taking Rs. 3 lakh from her. Bunty says I trust Riya, and I am sure she will return the money.


Shivam beat all the goons and asked Roya to pick her purse. But, Inspector arrested Riya and Shivam. Riya tried to explain, but they arrested them. Riya asked Shivam to show his hero Antti. Shivam beats Police by making them fool.They leave.

Sarla identified Amit to Bansi and asked him to stole his money. Auction get started, and Shanti’s neighbors taunt her. Riya called Nimmi and informed her about the Bunty’s message that her Aunty knows the truth and she is coming here. Nimmi told Shanti about this. Shanti asked her to stop the lady at the door and not let her come.

Amit and Sarla bit at 6, 90, 000 and they make the other man quote at Rs. 7 lakh. Preeti called Pari and asked her to come for a movie. Pari told her that your house is going to sell off and you want to go for the movie. Preeti says she don’t care about this house.

Amit shouts and says my money got stoled, and he called Police and inform them about this. Nirmala laughs. Amit saw Bansi and follows him. But, he found the bag and money were not there. Amit cries.

Sharma says there anyone who will want to bid more. Shivam Riya came there and asked Sharma to stop the auction and take tax money. Everyone smiles. On the other side, Nirmala scolds Amit for losing the money.

Shanti asked Sharma to leave the house and asked other people to leave the house. Sharma gets angry on Sharma, and everyone stops him. Bunty’s aunty came there and blamed Shanti for cheating her. Shanti hugs her and takes her to her room. Riya told Police that Aunty is Shanti’s friend, and she has the habit of joking.

Shanti asked Aunty to leave as she will pay the money. Aunty leaves. But, police arrested Riya and Shivam for misbehaving with them and beating them. Shanti says one problem goes, and other comes.


Shanti will kick out Sarla from the house, and everyone will get shocked.