Mere Angne Mein 1st October 2016 Written Updates Episode! They all get shocked

Mere Angne Mein 1st October 2016 Written Updates Episode! They all get shocked :- The show starts with Riya telling family members that Shanti;s heartbeat are sinking. Everyone get shocked. On the other side, Sarla told Rani that she is going to meet Shanti and later she will take care of Nirmala.


Ashok asked Sarla to meet Shanti with wholehearted not just for the sake of dealing with Nirmala. Sarla asked Ashok to not be the ideal of a mirror.

Nimmi called Shivam and informed him about the condition of Shanti. Shivam told her that he is just coming with a doctor as they have taken the medicine. Kaushlya cries as diya get lighted off and she falls down. Riya told Kaushalya that Shanti will get fine and she lighten up the day.

Raghav came there and was shocked to see the condition of Shanti. He sits near Shanti and asked what happened? Kaushalya informed him that Shanti got the heart attack and Doctor told us that she is critical.

Raghav asked them why they do not take Shanti to a hospital? Kaushlaya says there is a protest going on the road and even Doctor told us that it will be risky to take Shanti out and he operated Shanti at home. Raghav remembers her childhood when Shanti used to feed him and Sarla food by keeping herself hungry.

Sarla came home and Kaushlaya gets angry. She asked Sarla to not enter the house but Sarla was determined to get inside the house. Sarla saw Shanti’s state and was shocked to see it. Kauhslaya told her that Shanti has done a lot for you and your children but none of you were here with Shanti.

Sarla asked her to let her go. Raghav came there and asked what is the matter. Kaushalya told him that Sarla has sold his husband for the sake of money and Shanti gets to know about it and gets heart attack. Raghav gets shocked.


The doctor gives cardiac shocks to Shanti and says Amma Ji is not between us anymore. They all get shocked.