Everyone is shocked! Mere Angne Mein 20th August 2016 Written Updates

Everyone is shocked! Mere Angne Mein 20th August 2016 Written Updates :- The show stars with Shivam getting angry on Kaushalya and Riya for sending Nimmi for abortion. riya asked Shivam to calm down as Nimmi gone there by her own choice and no one forced her. On the other side, Prabhu and Bindu meet Shanti and Sarla at the Hospital and were making fun of Shanti and Sarla.


Mere Angne Mein 20th August 2016 Written Updates

Then, Nurse came there and asked who is Nimmi Srivastava? Prabhu and Bindu went in shock as Nimmi was not there. But, Pari handles everything and confuses both Prabhu and Bindu and asked them to meet the grandson of their friend.

Meanwhile, Preeti meet Lucky and gifts him shirts and asked him to wear. Nandu wears the shirt and Preeti hugs him. Kaushalya called Preeti and asked where she is Preeti say Clerk took me out and I am in the temple praying for Nimmi. Nandu gets said after hearing Preeti calling him a clerk.

Meanwhile, Shivam on the way to the hospital and was thinking about Nimmi. In hospital Nurse brings Nimmi and Sarla told Shanti that everything went well. Then, Shanti says we have to go house now. Sarla says she can not go and even asked Pari to not go. Then, Shanti went to call Rikshaw.

Shanti brings Nimmi back at home and Kaushalyaa cries for Nimmi. Nimmi asked them to not do acting and asked  them to make the film with each other. Shanti told Nimmi that she will cut her tongue when she will wake up. Kaushalya says Nimmi is in bed, but her tongue is still not stopping.

Rani and Amit do arrangements for Nirmala and Ashok’s lunch. Rani takes few things to set another table for her and Amit. Amit asked Rani to decorate table well for candle light lunch. Rani showed him the arrangements she did for them. Amit asked why did you do this. She says we will sit alone here and have lunch. He told her to go to Shanti Sadan, clean all this. She says I have an idea, we will go out but he says no, you go somewhere, I will get Papa.

Meanwhile, Kaushlaya asked Did Shivam visited Hospital? Shanti asked why did you told him everything? Kaushlaya says I swear to my children he came to know by himself. She also told her that she has sent Riya after him.

On the other side, Shivan was breaking the furniture of hospital and Police came there and told Riya that we have to arrest him as he damaged the hospital’s property. Meanwhile, Kaushlaya told Shanti that I have to go for Nimi’s abortion as Dr. told me that Nimmi’s baby was nor going properly in her womb. She brings a stick and asked Kaushalya to beat him if she thinks that she has done something wrong.


In the upcoming episode, Shivam comes home and asks for Nimmi. Kaushalya says she is sleeping in Shanti’s room. Shivam tells Shanti that she did not do right by getting Nimmi’s abortion done. He scolds Shanti. Everyone look on shocked.