Today Pinky Marriage! Mere Angne Mein 9th September 2016 Written Updates

Today Pinky Marriage! Mere Angne Mein 9th September 2016 Written Updates :- The show starts with Riya telling Nimmi that they need to stop Massi from opening the gift. Preeti think to inform Pari about this and she called Pari and asked her why she put the plastic ring in Massi’s gift ? Pari asked did Kaushlaya knows about this? Preeti says no, but they will tell her soon. Pari asked her to keep an eye on them and disconnect the call.


Mere Angne Mein Written Updates

Riya asked Massi to let her daughter open the gift. But, Massi says no I will open the box. A boy calls Massi and she took the gift and says Pinky will check the box. Riya and Nimmi plans to throw Pari out of the house. Preeti came there and argues. Riya asked her how she can support Pari as she placed a plastic ring in Massi’s gift box and when Massi will open the box, she will be hurt and what will happen for Kaushalya’s respect? Riya told Preeti that she always supports wrong things.

Massi asked Pinky to check the gift as Kaushalya sent this for her. Riya compliment Pinky. On the other side, Ashok saw Nirmala coming and asked Sarla where he hid? Nirmala asked him to hide in Raghav’s room. Ashok hides. Nirmala came there and asked for her husband. Sarla brings broomstick and runs after Nirmala.

Pinky started opening the box and she finds another box in gift wrap. Massi says Kaushalya ‘s heart is big and she might have sent you a gold ring. Riya makes Pinky busy in her talk. Then, Riya says its abshagun don’t open it now. A guy came there and inform Pinky that your blouse is burnt. Pinky and Massi worries.

The food caterers called Massi and inform her that he is stuck in traffic. Massi worries. A beauty parlour lady called Massi and informed her that my relative dies today, so I cannot come today.

Massi and Pinky cries and thinks everything will be ruined and Pinky’s relation will break down. On the other side, Sarla told Sarla that Ashok is not her. Nirmala says she heard the voice of Ashok. Sarlaa asked her to go, otherwise, Amit will lock the house. Nirmala says I will keep an eye on this house and leaves.

Kaushlaya returns home and Nimmi informed her about all the problems. Riya says Nimmi will design the new blouse and KAsuhlaya will cook the food. Meanwhile, Groom’s Bua came there and threatened Massi to break the relation because they have not made the arrangements. Riya asked Bua to give her just half an hour to get everything right. Bua agrees. Massi cries. Riya asked Massi to not cry as everything will be fine and they will solve the problem step by step.


In the upcoming episode, Riya will ask Nimmi to stitch blouse and Kaushalya to cook food. Riya says Pari will do the makeup of Pinky and they will call Pinky and Amit to help them. Massi ask Groom’s mother to not leave.