Mohit says Preeti is just mine! Mere Angne Mein 10th March 2016 Episode Written Updates

The last night episode of the TV series “Mere Angne Mein” starts with Raghav talking to Shanti. She asks him not to make worried face, I will manage everything. Sujeev asks is everything fine? Shanti says yes, and now Sujit asked where Sharmili is. Sujeev says she is in her room, and sends Shanti. Renu is sceptical about Shanti that Shanti is doing the wrong things in the house.

Mohit says Preeti is just mine! Mere Angne Mein 10th March 2016 Episode Written Updates

Now Kaushalya asks Renu not to blame Shanti, why will she do this in Preeti’s marriage, she is most worried, she has gone now to manage things, stop breaking my family. She scolds Renu. Preeti says Maa and feels hurts with these all conflict….

Renu gets sad and apologizes to Kaushalya. She says sorry, I will stay as guest only and cries. Kaushalya holds her and asked what is wrong committed by me. Pari says I will burn all sarees, and Riya stops her. Shanti comes and scolds Pari for burning the Shagun sarees got by Riya. Sharmili is very angry on Priya and Priya is in no mood to marry now.

The big issue in the house is all about the black Saaree of the house and Sharmili gives her opinion about the marriage and says that the Mangalsutra is also black, it’s not Abshagun, why this black Saree should be Abshagun song is going on then. Sharmili agrees with Shanti.

But Pari actually keep saying that it is Abshagun has happened, this can’t happen now. Shanti fumes.
Kaushalya cries and apologizes to Renu. Preeti gets Mohit’s call again. Kaushalya asks Renu to forgive her. Riya cries and tells Shanti that she is not responsible for this, the Sarees got changed. Shanti starts acting and says who will change sarees, did I change.

Now they want to discuss about these black Saaree and all that with the shopkeeper. And now when Mohit was keep calling Riya, Riya ultimately answer his call. In the phone Mohit shouts Preeti ji… as well Mohit insults her.

Preeti says about Mohit that he called me and now insulting me. His mum says that girl is just playing with your emotions, leave her, forget her forever, you divert your mind in your dad’s business; we will find a nice girl for you. But Mohit says he is still in love with Preeti ji.

His mum slaps him many times and goes. He says I will just marry Preeti. Mohit’s mom shocked to hear so.