{Monday} Chudail Story Movie 4th Day Box Office Collection Total Earning

{Monday} Chudail Story Movie 4th Day Box Office Collection Total Earning :- Chudail Story is nothing but another flop for the makers as well as for the Bollywood. Well whole cast of the movie is looking like strangers and the way makers presented the boring story I don’t think that’s so great? So in one word movie is nothing. And people didn’t appreciate the movie and they didn’t attract towards cinemas in big numbers.


Chudail Story Box Officxe Collection

Between Azhar and other recent release another movie called “Chudail Story” released movie has not that much buzz because movie has not that big names also this movie has not that good acting talent and that is really a threat for the movie. The movie stars Preeti Soni, Menaka Lalwani, Amal Sehrawat, Sunny CharlsNidhi Nautiyal, Sorab Rajpurohit and Akash Rathore.

Makers trying their hard to attract the audience towards the cinema and for that they mixed horror with some seductive scenes but I don’t think that this is going to work for the makers because movie has nothing good even you didn’t even going to feel anything good about the movie and I am sure that you going to reject this movie in very first day.

Chudail Story Movie fourth day Box Office collection-

Chudail Story is nothing but really a nightmare for the people who watched it because they didn’t felt that they watching Horror movie even movie didn’t stands anywhere and I don’t think why makers thought that the movie going to be the good deal also movie is worst movie of 2016.

Movie collected only 2.20 Crore from the first weekend and I am not sure that these earnings are correct because I don’t think movie collected 2.20 crore but in the end its India and everybody does that type of mistakes.

Movie collected only 0.21 Crore from the fourth day of release and I don’t think people going to watch this movie in upcoming days also movie didn’t received that good reviews from the critics.

Also I think movie has bad word of mouth. And people who watched the movie didn’t watching it full they coming out of cinemas after Half time and that’s shows why people hating this movie.

Go watch Chudail Story!!!!!! If you wanted to waste your money with passion.