MTV Splitsvilla 9 31st July 2016 HD Video Evil Queen Rajnandini Decided To Seek Revenge

MTV Splitsvilla 9 31st July 2016 HD Video Evil Queen Rajnandini Decided To Seek Revenge :- The last night episode of the love based TV show MTV Splitsvilla 9 was not that much exciting for the contestants but sizzling queen Martina Thariyan steals the show everlasting time. Martina also makes last night situation too tensed as she dares to send Varun and Gurmeet in the danger zone.


With her show-off style and tantrum, Rajnandini proved herself that she is an evil queen and she already warned everyone that she is going to take revenge from each one of her enemies as she is going to enjoy the special her power she is having.

In the dumping ground, the boys got a chance to on the date with a queen of their choice and he will also have to convince her to save him. So Varun decried to go in the date with Martina and Gurmeet decide to go with Rajnandini. Nobody chooses Kavya so maybe she will be dumped then.

Rajnandini clearly said to Gurmeet without any hesitation that she wants to be with him and she also developed a connection with him. As we all know everybody wants to continue their journey on the Villa but it is not so easy to deal with the evil queen you must need to have the patience or you have to impress her simply in order to deal with her.

So before the dumping session begins something most unexpected thing happened in the show where everyone notices there is something wrong in Karan Chabbra and when asked by the hosts Sunny Leone and Rannvijay Singha what went wrong with him, he almost literally broke down.

Karan Chabbra narrates to Rannvijay Singha why he is upset, eventually, Shreeradhe herself confessed the scene. She accepts that she had a quarrel with Karan Chabbra. Shreeradhe said she and Karan Khanna had a ‘little moment’ and that was something unbelievable.

So Karan Khanna proved that he is a big player in this villa. Karan Khanna also accepts that he was smitten by Shreeradhe’s hotness since she arrived in the villa. Priya also with that announced in the show that Karan went with her intimate too, as he is just a ladies’ man.

Anyway in the dumping ground first Martina announced that she is going to dumped Varun but then she said that Rajnandini should take her decision to dump this time as she doesn’t want to dump anyone now. Tonight it will reveal that who is going to dump whom.