Ashish comes avni sports day! Naamkaran 29th September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Ashish comes avni sports day! Naamkaran 29th September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The latest crux of the TV series Naamkaran now yet to showcase Will Dayawanti Accept Asha and Ashish tells Hasmukh that Dayawanti visited Asha’s house after he confessed to her about Asha and Avni. Later, Dayawanti confronts Ashish for hiding the reality from her.


The last night episode of the TV series further shows that actually Dayawanti is shattered to know that her son Ashish is in the relationship with a Muslim girl and she is also having a daughter with Ashish. She is just broken down in front of Mata Rani as her own son deceives her.

Karan is worried as from morning Maa is missing and Karan is keep calling Maa. She is actually in the Mandir (Temple) to offer Puja to god. Karan’s wife thinks is Maa is angry with Ashish Bhaiyaa as she had an argument with Maa but Karan said this is not possible that Maa can be angry with Bhaai.

Asha is having a good time with her daughter Avni and she also asked Avni that she will be prepared Aalu Ke Parathe for her. Ashish is busy in shooting and his mother call him to asked to him that she is ready to accept Asha as her daughter-in-law as from 11 years she is having a relationship with her son Ashish and they are also having a daughter.

Avni is too excited to meet with her dad and Asha too. Ashish is surprised to see that his orthodox mother permit him to marry a Muslim girl, he also asked to his mother that if he were aware of it that Maa will be permit me to marry Asha, I should not hidden the truth from you.

But it seems like that Dayawanti is having a secret motive regarding the wedding issue.

Ashish informs to Asha that his mother permits him to marry Asha which brings tears of joy in Asha’s eyes and she is also surprised to know so. She thanks her god as now she will be reunited with her husband and she will be living a happy life with her daughter and husband.

Precap: Dayawanti asked to Ashish in phone that now he will be starts his new life.