Top 5 Online Money Making Games

It’s often easy to get entertained by experiencing top online games around the Globe. The online games have not been limited to just to the young generation to get the fun and excitement. But, the people with the mindset of making money are getting attracted towards these online games.

Well, it makes gaming more exciting and entertaining as the player will not get the joy of winning a simple game, but they knew they will be rewarded with certain amount of money with every win they managed to register.


1. Teen Patti


The oldest games to be around on the internet with millions of subscribers. This game is a legacy, and people mostly from the subcontinent are the prime user of this games. Although, Teen Patti has made its root strong also in European country thank its root on the Internet.


This game gives a chance to people with brilliant playing skill to cash some money while competing with the other people online.


According to the survey, around 30% of the world population are trying their luck hard in making rupees and dollar through this game.

2. Casino Games.


The web-based Casino games are considered the largest online gambling games. The users of the Casino games are spread in huge number in different parts of the world thanks to its highest percentage return as compared to the original casino games.


But soon, numbers of people complaining about this game and it is believed that Online casinos aren’t what they used to be.


Although, in recent times, Online casinos aren’t what they used to be as numbers of the cases are coming off the fraud that different Casino games had done with their subscriber. This makes numbers of people switch to another gambling game.

3. Wheel of Fortune


The wheel of fortune was a US based TV game show, which was later coded and turned into the game. Earlier, it was just considered to be a normal video game but soon it whooped the internet market and went to become the big market for people who play online games, not just for fun.


Since then, Wheel of Fortune became the biggest market for the money oriented people.


According to the survey, Wheel of Fortunes has considerable money reward that is attracting different people around the world.

4. Big Win slots


Well, if you are a lover of pulling the lever, then Big Wins slot web based is the one, for which you are looking. This game contains other bonus games, that will lead you to win extra coins and hence, can increase the chance of making extra money. Google Update Adds Classic Games Solitaire & Tic-Tac-Toe In Its Search engine

5. Second Life


This game is quite unique in terms of playing terms and condition. One do not need to gamble anything, instead of that they just need to perform numbers of activities in the game itself to get rewarded with money.


Although, the earning comes in Linden Dollars (L$). The Second Life also gives the option to play with the other people online by challenge them in numbers of activities and winner be rewarded Linden Dollars.