Shivae & Ankia Dance Together! Ishqbaaz 13th September 2016 Written Updates Ep

Shivae & Ankia Dance Together! Ishqbaaz 13th September 2016 Written Updates Ep:- The last night episode of the TV series Ishqbaaz begins with Omkara and Shivaay discuss Love Omkara succeeds in his plan to mend Shivaay and Tia’s relationships. Tia arrives there suddenly and asked to Shivaay that she is too happy to see that Shivaay writes a love letter to her.


Now Omkara and Shivaay talk about the understanding between them and their beloveds. Meanwhile, Roop and Gayatri plot to steal the safe’s code from Shakti. When Shakti was going somewhere he sees a person became the victim of the accident and he thinks to help him.

Now when Shakti got busy with the person on time Roop arrives and steals the official stuff from Shakti which was kept on his car. Actually, now it is clear that the person was planned by Roop.

Shivaay now realised that the love letter written by Mallika and Anika for Tia. So he asked the girls to come with his where he had a funny argument with the girls and the girls said that they did so as the need to patch up with Tia anyhow.

Suamya goes emotional talking with her mom in an isolation place. Rudra sees Saumya is having tears in her eyes and he also go emotional on seeing her. Shivaay’s mom catch Shivaay with Anika and Mallika, she thinks that Shivaay is in the plan to give surprise to her.

Shivaay now sitting with Omkara in a party and Tia asked to her that post wedding she will be painting the entire Oberoi mansion in purple, Shivaay stunned to hear so and shockingly spit water on Anika, obviously Anika arrives there.

Anika asked to Shivaay that he did so intentionally to seek revenge from her as once by mistake she spill coffee on him. She asked to him that he did so to humiliate her in the entire pool party.

Shivaay asked to her that he did not do so but Anika keep doing argument with him. It was a funny argument which is enough to tickling your funny bones.

Precap: Out of the intoxications, Shivaay and Anika dance together in the party.