Pakistan Attack: 9 killed, 32 injured as terrorists open fire at government building in Peshawar

Pakistan Attack: 9 killed, 32 injured as terrorists open fire at a government building in Peshawar: -Well, the big news is coming straight from a government building in Pakistan’s northwestern city of Peshawar where 32 people got injured due to attack on that building. Reports are saying that Militants today stormed the building and tried to hurt everyone there. Reports are saying that they did open firing in the building and tried to kill everyone.

Sources are saying that the militants attacked the student hostel of the Directorate of Agriculture Extension on the University Road. Also, they officially sources said that three attackers entered the directorate and opened fire. Security officials said that militants clad in burqa used an auto rickshaw to reach the building. They stormed the building by firing automatic weapons, creating panic.

You can say that this is the biggest attack and everybody is talking about it. Also, the officials said. “So far at least 11 injured people have been shifted to hospitals, including three security personnel,” a security official said. The media reported that two explosions were also heard from inside of the building. Salahuddin Mehsud, Inspector General of Khyber- Pakhtunkhwa, said that at least three terrorists were involved in the attack.

Overall, reports are coming that the police and military started the rescue mission and they are working on it even the official said “The operation is still going on. The exact situation would become clear once the operation is over,” he said. We are hoping that things get better as fast as we believe because nothing is going good so far.