Participate In Wrogn Audition by Virat Kohli Date 2nd Oct Venue Time Procedure

Participate In Wrogn Audition by Virat Kohli Date 2nd Oct Venue Time Procedure : Most popular youth based brand wrogn is planning to launch its largest campaign Wrogn Auditions from 2nd October on-wards along with dashing cricketer Virat Kohli. This campaign is a unique concept for inviting youths to Audition for wining a Hangover Weekend in Las Vegas.

wrogn auditions


Wrogn Audition by Virat Kohli Details

Wrogn is a unique brand that speaks the language of the youth. Hosted on a microsite off the brand’s website and available on Android and iOS as an app, Wrogn Auditions promises to be an engaging, fun game with questions such as Would you get a tattoo of your girlfriend’s name?. Every question is timed, and players need to give the Wrogn answer to get to the next question. If a player loses, new lives can be gained by posting one’s participation to Facebook.

The campaign was started on 2nd sept when Virat Kohli, who co-owns Wrogn, tweeted “Got a good cure for a hangover? You’re going to need it” to launch the teaser for the game. The tweet generated tremendous engagement on Twitter, leading the hashtag #WrognAuditions to trend on the number one spot on Twitter. The conversation gained further momentum, when Virat tweeted again a few days later.

Anjana Reddy, who co-owns Wrogn with Virat Kohli, says; “This is Wrogn’s first campaign, and from the beginning we were very clear – it has to be huge and it has to be unique. The idea was to create an engagement platform unlike any other. Being a break away youth fashion brand, Wrogn Auditions fit right in with the brand ethos of encouraging people to have an opinion. For now, I wish all our participants the very best! May the “Wrogn” person win.”

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