How to Download Prisma Apk Beta App For Android, IOS, PC

How to Download Prisma Apk Beta App For Android, IOS, PC :- After Pokemon Go the one app which is making people crazy is “Prisma”. Every now and then we can see people updating their pictures on social media app, it has become the latest trend. All of us love taking pictures, selfies etc and then editing them with some new and unique filters. Prisma is also one such filter app that has become an overnight sensation.


Why is it better than Instagram?

It is better than instagram in a way that first is a photo editing app. It consumes neutral network and transform your picture in such a way that picture becomes really interesting and artistic and it does that with the help of its artificial intelligence.

Though instagram also offers the option of different filters but having an artificial intelligence provides prisma an edge over insta. Moreover Prisma also provides the opportunity of turning your picture into the work of art. Prisma will help you in making your pictures look as if it has been painted by some renowned artist like Picasso and many more.

Within few days of launch this app managed to have more than millions of downloads in just few days. It’s like carrying a prisma app in your pocket is equivalent to carrying Picasso in your pocket. Moreover obviously who doesn’t want to make their pictures look like a work of famous Artists?

Features offered by Prisma:

This trend setter app proffers many features like videos, 360-degree imaging capability combined along with broad and stylish range of new effects which you have never seen before. This picture editor is capable enough to convert your normal picture into a piece of art which one has never seen before.

Alexey Moiseenkov is the man behind this sensational picture editor app and he is also the founder of the prisma lab which is situated in Moscow. Let us inform our readers that this app just took the time of one and a half month to get developed and the company has not done any promotional activities to promote this application.

This app was introduced in the starting week of the month June and since then it has lead its way to become the most popular and talk of the town app in Russia then followed by other neighboring countries.

How to download prisma?

It is very easy to download this app, one just have to open Google Play store app on their smart phone and then just have to look for prisma app which is free to download. Install, sign up and start making your own piece of art.