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7 questions to ask before replacing windows

Did you know that you can increase your home’s energy efficiency just by replacing windows? Though you may have to spend for the replacement, it’s worth it in the long run.

Besides, new windows increase your home value. However, window replacement projects are challenging, especially with made to measure windows.

Here are a few questions you should ask to make things easier.

1. Do my windows need replacement?

You know you need to replace windows if you check and notice:

  • Air leaks around them
  • They are difficult to open and close
  • Condensation between glass panes
  • Design problems like peeling paint

2. Will the windows match my house style design?

With so many types of window style options to select from, you need to be especially particular about your made to measure windows. Some important features to look out for are operating style and grille pattern. While single or double-hung styles are perfect for most homes, windows with an awning or architectural shape look interesting.

3. What are the available colors?

Windows are no longer restricted to only beige and white color. They come in various light and dark colors for exterior frames and different solid colors and wood grains to complement your home’s interior design.

4. How will you install the windows?

The windows must be properly installed by experts. Poorly installed windows minimize the advantages of window replacement and lead to more air or water leakage.

Ask if they will be doing a ‘pocket replacement’ or ‘full-frame’ installation. The outer frame remains intact while the operating sash is removed during a pocket replacement. However, a full-frame installation involves removing the entire window.

5.   Is there any warranty for the installation?

This is an important question because there is always a possibility of problems occurring down the road. You need to know you have coverage if it does occur, and that the contractor will make the necessary repairs. Besides, the windows should also have a warranty.

6. Does the installation include interior finishing?

Some windows need some small repairs around the window frame. For example, the process is made easier through finishing services like window trimming.

7. How long will it take?

You must clear this at the start of the project. Specialized and made to order windows take longer, about a few weeks, instead of a few days to make the delivery. Knowing how long they will take lets you plan your other work around it.

Asking these 7 questions ensure a proper window replacement to reap its energy efficiency benefits. Read more here.