Ragini is shocked! Swaragini 2nd May 2016 Episode Written Update

The last night episode of the TV series “Swaragini” begins with the Swara and Sanskar’s conversation shown. Sanskar asks her to take rest. Adarsh reads Parineeta’s message to family members. Annapurna asks if you had any fight with her. Adarsh says no, I don’t know why Pareenita is absent now.

Ragini is shocked! Swaragini 2nd May 2016 Episode Written Update

Now Sanskar and Swara arrive there. Ragini is looking forward to have where is Parineeta is not here. Swara says she will not come. Sujata says what she thinks if she will not coming here, my daughter won’t marry. Adarsh says that the Uttara’s marriage will be happen in the grand manner. Now Rajat comes there with his fake parents. Swara looks scared.

Annapurna welcomes them and now Rajat’s fake mum asks Swara, what happened to her? Sanskar says a car had hit on her leg while she was crossing road. Rajat says these things do happen. Now Uttara come with Ragini and sit besides Rajat.

Now Uttara’s Sangeet ceremony held’s and Rajat warn Swara, to be beware from him as he is the evil king. And Swara also steal money from there in the Maheshwari house. It is actually, Swara get to know from the Rajat that Pareenita has been kidnapped by him and Rajat kept her in an isolated area.

Now Rajat asks Swara to handover him the money and also asked her to keep her mouth shut. Now Rajat shares his plan with Swara and says he had a tough time searching for the Bakra. Swara goes. Parineeta tells Rajat that Swara knows everything, but she couldn’t do anything.

Now Pareenita discuss about her next plan with Rajat, which makes herself a good Bahu and she will be now make the situation which will be showing that Swara is the bad Bahu. Now Pareenita is turned out to be the mastermind.

Precap: Ragini asks Swara to tell if she has any problem? She says we as Swaragini can fight together with any problem. Swara will be reveal that Rajat has kidnapped Pareenita.