Ragini Shouts Dadimaa! Swaragini 9th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Ragini Shouts Dadimaa! Swaragini 9th May 2016 Written Episode Update :- The last week episode of the TV series “Swaragini” starts with Rajat’s fake dad changing time in Rajat’s room watch. Rajat wakes up and sees him. He asks Rajat to wake up, and also the fake parent said to him that today it is his marriage day.

Swaragini Written Episode Update

Rajat’s fake mom asked to Swara that now Swara should arrange the marriage as now Rajat is coming with Baarat in order to marry Uttara. Swara cries on hearing so as she is right now worry that how she will be save Uttara and Pareenita Bhabhi now from this devil Rajat.

Swaragini Written Episode Update

Now Rajat come in the Maheshswari house and when he open the whereabouts, it is shown that Pareenita is sleeping there and Rajat also now make sure that Pareenita is here and Swara can be never found her.

Now Rajat is ready for the marriage. Goon comes with him and asked his fake parents to come in the Mandap of marriage. Uttara get ready for marriage and asked to Swara that how she is looking. Uttara is very happy to marry Rajat.

And Swara said to her that she is looking beautiful just like an angel and Uttara hugs her. Swara is worry now thinking about how she will be saving Uttara from Rajat. Now Durga Prasad welcomes the guest in the marriage of Uttara and Rajat. Rajat also said to his goons that he should not do any mistake as nobody should get to know that she is in the car – Pareenita.

Shekhar and Sumi arrived with Dadi and Dada Jee and Durga Prasad welcome them. Dadi already asked Sumi and Ragini to do not reveal that Sumi is pregnant unless she will be embarrassed. Now Sujata and Annapurna is busy welcoming the Dulhe Rajat and Annapurna asked Swara to bring the Aarti’s Thaali.

Swara asked to Sanskar that we do not let this happen, we can’t ruin Uttara’s life and she decides to distribute chit to every one of the Maheshari family. And everyone got chit and they read that Swara invites everyone to meet with her in the hall.

Every one became worry by reading this and before starting the marriage procedure they all went there to meet with Swara but when Swara was about to, the goon in the waiter get up warned Swara not to reveal anything to anyone, unless they will be killing Pareenita.

Swara is scared and shocked to know so and tears come in her eyes. But Swara won’t let happen whatever is happening, she must be having some plan to expose Rajat.