Ragini tells Shekhar that she love Laksh! Swaragini 7th April 2016 Episode Written Update

In the soap opera “Swaragini” it is shown that Lakshya hides from Gadodia family and meets Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar). He takes care of her, when he finds Sumi sleeping and Ragini was crying. But it is Sumi who catches the glimpses that it is Ragini and Lakshay are meeting together in an isolated area.

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But Sumi permitted Ragini ask Lakshya to go to have some quality time with each other but Sumi is worried that Shekhar and Dadi should not see Ragini and Lakshay together as they will be definitely got angry on seeing together.

So Sumi begged to Lakshay that he should leave now but Lakshya who is madly false in love with Ragini refused to leave. Lakshya has realised his mistakes and apologises to Ragini. Also Laksahy asked Ragini to comeback in his life as now Laksahy starts loving Ragini. Even Lakshay begged for a chance to give to him by Ragini.

Eventually Ragini broken down with the Lakshay’s words as still Ragini is madly in love with him and Ragini want to be with him for once more. Sumi also wants the same. But still Ragini is in love with Lakshay but can’t accept him as she is in dilemma that she can’t hurt her father who is completely in the against of this relationship. And now eventually Shekhar arrived there in the scene and slaps Lakshay and said that he wants to throws him out of the house. Shekar is angry that Lakshya betrayed Ragini, always Ragini stay in problems because of him as well Shekhar ordered him to leave the Goradiya house right now.

Now as Swara gets message from Lakshya that he is going to meet Ragini and confess his love for her, she prepares ‘Shagun’ for her sister and comes to Baadi with the Maheshwari family and shocked to see that it is Lakshay is being insulted in the front of everybody by Shekhar.

Even Dadi scolded Ragini by saying that you want whom in your life Lakshay or Shekhar? Just reply me Laado, Ragini is constantly crying with these and Swara arrived there in the support of the Ragini and says she is going to support her sister right now but Shekhar is in no mood to forgive Lakshay and even Dadi.

Annapurna and Durga Prasad even seek apology along with Lakshay for what he did from the Shekhar but Shekhar is in no mood to forgive them and Lakshay breakdown with these. Despite Swara fights with Shakhar for Ragini, but Ragini stay mute with these.

Dadi and Shekar ask the Maheshwari family to leave, and Swara and Lakshya are shocked to see that Ragini is still muted and did not say anything.