Ram & Sita in Mandap! Siya Ke Ram 12th February 2016 Written Updates

Ram & Sita in Mandap! Siya Ke Ram 12th February 2016 Written Updates :- Today’s episode starts with he Vivah Utsav of Ram and Sita and also the marriage of Lord Rama two brothers Lakshman and Bharat. the embodiment of all beauty and all auspicious qualities . So many gods, kings and emperors of earth and even the demons came to wishes the best for the life of Lord Raja and Sita.

siya ke ram marriage

Siya Ke Ram 12th February 2016 Written Updates

The ceremony of their marriage is very colourful. The rituals of marriage started and then one of the most important and hard ritual of Kanyadaan held in the marriage, where the mother of Sita got emotional and said that it is very hard and difficult for me to do the Kanyadaan and how can I isolate my own daughter suddenly after the so many year of loving and caring upbringing.

Now the ritual of Saat Phere (Seven Vows) starts in the marriage . The seven vows are of great mythology importance, where the couple takes round of the holy fire and every single round has its own significance.

The priest in the marriage tells about the first step in which the couple prays the almighty to provide them with nourishment and pure food that they can live the life together with respect and honor for one another. They prey to the almighty to make them walk and get the food.

And with the second step , they pledge to grow as one in mental, physical and spiritual strengths so that they can share enjoy life and share their happiness.