Rani Mukherjee, Jacqueline, Sonakshi Sinha & Deepika are ‘ration card holders’ in UP

Farrukhabad (UP): At a fair price shop in Farrukhabad are to be believed, RAni Mukherjee, Jacqueline Fernadez, Sonakshi Sinha and Deepika Padukone receive subsidised food grains distributed through ration cards.


A distributor at Sahabganj village in Qayamganj tehsil has names of these actors on the list of beneficiaries and ration is being taken on these names for quite a long time.

Officials said that the matter came to light when villagers filed a complaint against the distributor and a probe was ordered.

Several names of actors and their ‘spouses’ cropped up in the registrations form.

As per the list, Deepika’s husband is Rakesh Chand and Jacqueline’s husband is Sadhu Lal.

Similarly, Sonakshi Sinha is shown as married to  Ramesh Chand, while Rani Mukherjee’s husband is Ram Swaroop.

Actress Deepika Padukone is placed under ‘General’ category and others actresses are shown as OBC category.

On Thursday, officials sources said that the district magistrate has ordered a probe into the alleged irregularity and directed the SDM of Qayamganj to identify the guilty and take strict action against them.


The website of the Food and Civil Supplies Department of Farrukhabad, which has issued these ration cards, shows Sonakshi’s digitized ration card no is 215920119256, while that of Rani Mukherjee’s 215920119261, Jacqueline is 215920119257, and Deepika’s 215920119259.

The fraudsters applied under the ‘Antoyadaya’ scheme, mentioned Rs 18,000 as the annual income of all the four. Social activists, who raised the issue, said APL and BPL cards were meant to help the poor but they are being misused and issued illegally under fictitious names.