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The German Basketball League 2021 is going to present new combat on February 14 where we will see the team Rasta Vechta to join a new combat. In this upcoming match, the team that will stand against RAV is Löwen Braunschweig and the venue selected for hosting this face-off will be Rasta-Dome. The timing selected for this RAV vs LBR face-off on February 14, is going to be 10:30 PM IST.

RAV vs LBR Live Score

RAV vs LBR Live Score

Rasta Vechta vs Löwen Braunschweig Preview

The team RAV has participated in total 17 matches, in which they have gained only three wins and the remaining 14 matches were defeat. Their previous match against the team BV Chemnitz 99 was a defeat as they have gained only 77 points while their rival team scored 89 points to win the game. Earlier this, RAV got the defeat as well against the team Fraport Skyliners Frankfurt by scoring only 72 points while their rival surpassed them by scoring 96 points. On the other hand, the team Löwen Braunschweig (LBR) have played 13 matches, in which they have gained success in 5 matches and the remaining 8 matches were defeat. In their previous match, the team has played against MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg, in which LBR has faced the defeat by scoring 74 points, while their rival team has been scored 81 points to win the game. Earlier to this match, they have won the team Ratiopharm Ulm by scoring 94 points, while their rival team has scored 92 points and lost the match.

RAV vs LBR Team Squads

Rasta Vechta Squads

Noah Janen, Bjorn Rohwer, Josh Young, Stefan Peno, Jesse Hunt, Will Vorhees, Jordan Barnett, Jannes Hundt, Martin Kalu, Jean Salumu, Tim Hasbarrgen, Ike Iroegbu, Malte Stenzel, Kilian Brockhoff, Philipp Herkenhoff, Dennis Clifford, Robin Cristen

Löwen Braunschweig Squads

Joakim Blom, Jannick Gottsche, Nicolas Meier, Byron Mouton, Jan Lipke, Fahrudin Djulovic, Gordan Firic, Brian Wethers, Jakob Klimek, Markku Larkio, Peter Lisicky, Benjamin Lotze, Dirk Madrich, Demond Mallet, Lorenz Manthey, Mike Mardesich, Mikko Noopila, Flavio Stuckemann, Zelimir Zagorac,Bazoumana Kone, Max Hausdorf, Clemens Beier, Garai Zeeb, Leo Niebuhr, Luc Van Slooten, Luke Meisner

Key Players & Winner Prediction

As of now, both RAV and LBR are looking out for gaining consistent performance along with good number of wins. By looking at their form in their recently played five matches, the team Rasta Vechta has gained two wins and three defeated matches. Their current form in this on-going season is W W L L L. In the meantime, the team Löwen Braunschweig has got one victory and four defeats in their recent matches. Their current form in their past five combat is L L L W L. As we can see there’s a huge difference in their current form with RAV having the upper hand. They are likely to get a close win in this upcoming face-off on Sunday. The team Rasta Vechta (RAV) has some good scoring players, who are expected to gain some good points in this upcoming match and those performers are J Barnett, J Salumu, and J Young. In the meanwhile, the team Löwen Braunschweig (LBR) Key Players for this match are M Peterka, G Schiling and Garai Zeeb.

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