Rhythm Movie Review & Rating | Hit or Flop | Box Office Collection

Rhythm Movie Review & Rating | Hit or Flop | Box Office Collection : Rhythm is upcoming Bollywood movie directed by Vivek Kumar and also produced by Vivek Kumar with the banner of Vicky films. Rhythm movie is not that big budget movie as a director, producer, writer Vivek is doing his debut with this movie also the screenplay was written by Chintan Gandhi and the actors was new on this movie.

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Rhythm Movie Review & Rating

People has not that big buzz about this movie even few people know about this movie because of less promotion I think this movie makers did a bad job for their earning. Movie is good but promotion is important now days and we all know that. The film was presented by R N Kumar.

It was written and directed by Vivek Kumar. Rhythm was in the making for over six years. It stars Adeel Chaudhry and Rinil Routh in the lead cast and is the Bollywood debut of Adeel Chaudhry. Rhythm was shot in Poland and was scheduled for release on 19 February 2016 but the release was later pushed to 26 February 2016.

Story based on-

Movie is based on a simple love story between Avantika and Rohan. Avantika is a cute girl of her college everybody like her not just because she is cute but just because her friend group and she is the part of an inter college music and dance festival and she is quite popular among college students.

Then suddenly hero I mean Rohan came up in the college for his study and he fall in love with Avantika so madly he want to confess his feelings about his love to Avantika but because of the failure of past relationship Avantika created a wall around herself and not let the enter anybody on this wall also she don’t want to face that disappointment again and that’s why it become hard for Rohan to confess his feeling about Avantika.

But somehow in the end of the movie they get together and what he did to get her it was a twist on this movie and for that twist you should have to watch this movie.

Positive point of the movie-   

  • New faces to watch people are bored with old faces.
  • Youngsters are going to attract more for this movie because this movie is all about them.

Negative point of the movie-

  • Bad screenplay and editing work and I think that’s the weak point.
  • Also movie has not good promoted by anyone from the makers and that’s so bad for the investors.

Final verdict-

This movie is good to watch if you want to see young talent of India also this movie has not big banner and with the small banner this movie is nothing to say much but if you want to see some new things you should go for this movie.

Directed by: Vivek Kumar

Produced by:Vivek Kumar

Screenplay by:  Chintan Gandhi

Story by:  Vivek Kumar

Starring: Adeel Chaudhry, Rinil Routh

Rating: 2.5/5