Ruhi is Kidnapped! Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th July 2016 Today Episode Written Updates

Ashok asks Nidhi to enjoy the Melodrama and add salt to Bhalla’s wound. After that, they will also bringRuhi with them. Nidhi asks Ishita if she is fine and taunts her. She teases her as Ruhi chooses her over Ishita. Ishita begs Ruhi to stay with them and asks that they worked really hard for her and loves her a lot. Ruhi asks her to stop and says this is just a drama after custody allotment everything would be like before.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Today Episode Written Updates

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Today Episode Written Updates

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Today Episode Written Updates

If they really love each other than they would never go separated from each other and Romi also wants to go back to his home. She says if they really want her to stay with them then Raman and Ishita have to get married and live together. Ruhi asks her to prove her that this is reality and not fake.

Ruhi says this is drama and they cannot live together. Raman accepts and says he will marry Ishita and he will keep her daughter with him if she wants that. Nidhi scolds Ruhi for doing so and asks her to go with her and they all are doing drama and befool you. Ishita also agrees with her term and says she will marry Raman.

Nidhi is out of her senses. Ishita questions about his decision as Shagun is left again. Shagun agrees with the term and asks her to marry Raman. She always faked herself in front of Pihu but this is all belongs to her only. Aadi makes everything clear. She says she will take Pihu with her and they will live separately. Toshi thanks, Shagun to made everything easy. Everything becomes easy.

Nidhi calls Ruhi but she ignores her she tries to traduce her but failed in doing so. Nidhi is determined to take revenge and plans to kidnap Ruhi.


Ruhi is donned as in a saree and looks flattering. Toshi becomes emotional to see her. Raman tells Romi that everything has changed but still we have a connection.

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