Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Singing Reality Show 27th March 2016 2nd Episode

The singing reality show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa is the oldest musical show of all time, but it doesn’t fail to surprise the audiences. No wonder why the show is touted as the most favourite show of the mass. The new season of the singing show has began last night on the Saturday weekend with the 4- member of the members from the panel of the judges which includes Pritam Chakraborty, Mika Singh and Sajid-Wajid, while Aditya Narayan is holding the responsibility of the hosting the show like as usual…

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Singing Reality Show 27th March 2016 2nd Episode

Along with the 4 mentors, it is a panel of 30 music maestros will also be also there to motivate the aspiring singers closely. These maestros range across various categories that comprise the music industry- from DJs to music producers to lyricists to singers. And the last night we saw those who came for the audition all the aspiring singers have is 100 seconds to prove themselves and the impress the 30 member expert panel. Once they receive more than 50% votes from the panel judges members then they will get chance to meet with the 4 main judges.

And now the budding singers are having task to impress the 4 judges of the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa who are sitting there to take the audition test of the budding singers. With all due respect of these judges it is very sure that they are going to select the perfect budding singers who will be compete here in the musical show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa to prove themselves better and among these aspiring singers one single person will be emerge as the winner.

Forget the new format and we can now watch it solely for the aspiring singers who will leave you stunned with their passion, talent and sincerity towards their singing.

And last night in the launching episode of the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa they did the same. It’s a sheer musical treat that for every music lovers and it gives some relief to the ears of the music lovers and some time for the eyes to when they performed up to the mark.

And gradually when the budding singers shows their ex factor in the musical show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa. So don’t forget to catch tonight episode of the musical show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa!!!