Shocking Twist! Saath Nibhana Saaathiya 28th August 2016 Episode Written Updates

Shocking Twist! Saath Nibhana Saaathiya 28th August 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The show starts with Dharam calling security guards to kick out Kokila nad Urmila and to bring back the Gopi in. Kokila says Gopi is not mental. Krishna says yes and asked guards to drag the Kokila and her friend Urmila.


Meanwhile, Doctors checks Niaya and comes down. Dharam asked Doctor what happened to my daughter. Doctor says she is pregnant. Dharma gets angry and leaves.

On the other side, Kokila called the lawyer and asked him, is he sure that Gopi cannot take Divorce from Krishna as she is mental? Lawyers say yes and leaves. Sona told them that Krishna has the name of Lord, but he is doing an evil act. Kokila blames herself for this condition of Gopi, but Urmila consoles her and told her that Krishna is responsible for this. Tolu and Sona promised to bring back the Gopi.

Meanwhile, Mansi gives the electric shock to Gopi in the mental asylum. Gopi asked her to leave as this will not be good for her and she must fear of God. Mansi says she suffered the same pain and now, will give this pain to Gopi as she has waited her life to give this kind of the pain to Gopi.

On the other side, Jaggi enters his house at 4:am and his mother Urvashi yelled at him. She says because of him, she lost Rs. 5000. Urvashi runs behind Jaggi. Jaggi goes somewhere and says he will bring back the Rs. 5000.

Kokila was crying in her house as she thinks because of her Gopi is suffering. Urmila told her that if Ahem would have been here, then the whole situation would not have been the same. Kokila says she has to go and meet someone special.

Kokila reaches Urvashi house and told her that she want to keep her son with her and her house. Urvashi says, If he will be ready to go, then she has no problem with it.

Sharan asked Naiya why did she do this? Vidya says Papaji has not come since Yesterday. Then, Dharam comes there with holding the collar of Prakash. Naiya and Prakash hug each other emotionally.

Kokila reached the temple where she saw, Jaggi was taking money from disciplines of fat darshan of God. Kokila asked him to come with her as she has work from him. Jaggi says he already has one mother and him does not need another one for scolding him.


In the upcoming episode, Kokila says Urmila she went to save Gopi and tried her last resort. Urmila sees Jaggi and gets afraid.