Jaggi gets Tensed! Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th September 2016 Written Updates

Jaggi gets Tensed! Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th September 2016 Written Updates :- The last night episode of the TV series Saath Nibhana Saathiya begins with Jaggi Hides from Krishna Gopi receives a call informing her that Urvashi’s condition is critical. Meanwhile, Jaggi manages to prevent Krishna from finding him at the hospital. How long will he be able to hide from Krishna?


Much before that Krishna and Mansi asked Gopi that how she can pay the hospital bill of Urvashi as Urvashi have no relationship with Gopi and Modi family. Regarding this issue, Jaggi and Gopi asked Mansi and Krishna that if they can do social work with their money.

And Gopi also asked Krishna that regarding this issue Krishna has no right to ask any questions to Gopi as Krishna have no relationship with her. Now she asked Mansi and Krishna to leave to have a phone call from the hospital that Urvashi is too sick.

In the hospital, Jaggi thought that his Maa Urvashi is no more and he then cries also he was about to blame Gopi for the same but much before that doctor said that Urvashi is okay now and Jaggi rushes to meet with her.

Gopi asked to doctor if they call to the Modi house that Urvashi is ill and the doctor asked to her that he did now call. Gopi realised it is must any conspiracy set by someone to creates problems for them to see that Krishna is there.

She was already wondering who did so and she realised that Dr. Krishna must do so. She rushes to Jaggi who was busy speaking with her Maa that Dr. Krishna creates this conspiracy and she asked Jaggi to get hide with her as Dr. Krishna is coming to the Urvashi Maasi’s room.

Krishna arrives there and he is now started searching something by this process when Jaggi was hiding with Gopi they come close. Afterward, Gopi arrives there and she humiliated Krishna, Jaggi’s Maa Urvashi also taunts her and him left.

Gopi asked Jaggi that Dr. Krishna is always watching us, we need to be alert as Krishna is too cunning. She also asked Jaggi to leave and he left when even Urvashi asked her to do so, Naiya on the other hand successfully misunderstanding between Dharam and Meera.

Riteish sees this and he feels that Meera is not happy with Dharam. He also makes Riteish feels that Meera is not happy with Dharam because of the age difference and Prakash smirk that Riteish believes so what we want to make him belive.

Precap: Krishna says he will show Urvashi’s hospital room’s CCTV footage. Jaggi is worried and Mansi asks him if he is Ahem, then why is he getting afraid.