Salman Khan & Anushka Sharma Come Udaan TV show While Promote Sultan Images Pics

Salman Khan & Anushka Sharma Come Udaan TV show While Promote Sultan Images Pics :- Salman Khan most awaited flick “Sultan” set to gonna blasting in the theater on this EID . The promotion of the film is going in full swing, And both actor’s Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma promoting the film of “Sultan” at ‘Chakor’s Wedding on the set of color TV serial Udaan, In the Mumbai on June 21.

Salman and anushka on the set Udaan

Salman Khan & Anushka Sharma Come Udaan While Promote sultan

Where in the color TV serial of “Udaan”  The charecter’s of this who’s name are  Chakor, Kamal Narayan, Vivaan, and Tina. Where faamlus TV serial Udaan is currently revolving in the marriage Drama of the Vivaan with Chakor in this serial , Where Tina and Vivaan has secretly plan to swap Tina with Imli on the wedding of the Mandap.

on the othwer side ….. where  “Sultan” superstar Salman and her co-star Anushka Sharma shot an episode with the cast of the television show “Udaan”. In this set of the Udaan, where some picture from the shoot has surfaced online where Salman is seen in casual attire with the black T-shirt,jacket and blue denim and Anushka looked gorgeous in a red and white Indian Outfit.


Salman and Anushka will be shooting with the Udaan cast and crews. Salman will also be appreciated of the serrial “Udaan” and moving Chakor’s athletic skills, and will tell her to do best in her chosen profession.”

Salman Khan had rolled off the wrestler from Haryana in the movie of “Sultan”. good fitness is shown in this picture of Salman khan to be seen, though the symptoms may garner their age. Every year Salman Khan release a new film “Sultan” which will be released on Eid.!!!