Salman Khan’s Girlfriend Lulia Vantur is RUNNING AWAY from the Paparazzi

Salman Khan’s Girlfriend Lulia Vantur is RUNNING AWAY from the Paparazzi :- Superstar Indian Bollywood actor Salman khan finally announced the name of the better-half, There name of that is Iulia Vantur After a long time Salman decided to there is someone special for me and it’s Iulia Vantur. Now being a superstar’s girlfriend is bound to keep you in the limelight. But turns out Salman Khan’s girlfriend Iulia Vantur is still failing to cope up with this ‘constant’ media and camera.

Iulia Vantur

On the official repot’s , Where Sallu Bhai already announced for his girlfriend and will be married very soon with the Iulia Vantur, who’s support him and released him in the one which was you found, But on the other side, Iulia Vantur always ignores the media and camera.

Now superstar Salman girlfriend is a boundary to place you into the limelight life. But another side where turns out the Salman Khan’s girlfriend Iulia Vantur is still now failing to face up with the ‘constant’ media and camera.

Yes! Where the last time Iulia Vantur has avoided the photographers which during on her secret dinner date with boyfriend Salman khan. This time too, she literally hurried up into her car as soon as Iulia saw the photographers chasing to her when she’s coming from the car .

According to the repot’s they just came across these latest pictures which were the Iulia uncomfortable with that and walking past the photographers. She was spotted in the Bandra last night. And it just coming for Salman’s absence consider he’s away for the IIFA 2016, Spain .

It because of the controversy, surrounding of the Salman right now. it means, Iulia recognized that the cameramen, they have definitely confirmed asked her about the Salman and his rumor rape case comment controversy. So it quickly moves from that spot and goes back to the privacy. smart move Iulia!