Salman REVEALS The Real Reason Why Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees Movie Postponed!

Salman REVEALS The Real Reason Why Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees Movie Postponed! :- Finally, Salman khan has unfolded the what’s the reason behind why the Shahrukh khan film ” Raees ” postponed , where “Sallu Bhai” must watch awaited film “Sultan” where other side “king khan” fans are also waiting for his awaited film “Raees”, But it will take some more time to realizing and postponed after this EID.

Salman Khan REVEALS the real reason why Shah Rukh Khan postponed Raees

After released Sultan trailer, It’s totally clear that is the gonna be a blockbuster of this year but Sultan have Salman and where Raees film which is directed by the Rahul Dholakia with the king khan are dearly and it will be released after the Sultan.

Salman Khan Vs Shah Rukh Khan

There are lot’s of rumor between the Dabangg officer Salman khan film Sultan and also Don Shahrukh khan film Raees, But today Salman close that mystery behind the postponed Rahul Dholakia film Raees.

Salman says Both are the film are releasing on the same day EID, But the audience are getting more confused and destruction for it and never fully entertainment that’s the reason behind that .

According to the Hollywood source, Where in the press conference when someone told Salman , Raees are postponed by the sultan film pressures, then Salman finally opens it and reply for that , NO I do not agree with you , Actually both films are different story’s and if they released at the same time the audience also fan’s not entreated and getting distraction amd demonstrating than that the reason behind the film Raees will be postponed and sultan coming on the EID.
It’s a final conclusion behind the sultan on EID and Raees are postponed, But it’s an interesting to see the Bollywood fights between the sultan and Raees . But now sultan film are released as solo and after EID also king khan Raees.