Sanskar shoots at Rajat! Swaragini 17th May 2016 Today Episode Written Updates

Sanskar shoots at Rajat! Swaragini 17th May 2016 Today Episode Written Updates :- In the TV series Swaragini, to save Uttara from Rajat, Annapoorna shoots him, but unfortunately the bullet hits Uttara. Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) rescues Parineeta, but she fails to save her sister, Swara (Helly Shah) as Rajat takes her with him and kidnapped her.

Swaragini Episode written Updates

Swaragini Episode written Updates

Swaragini Episode written Updates

In the previous episode, we saw how Sanskar shoots Rajat, but before falling in to river Rajat pulls Swara with him. Sanskar tries to save her, but in vain as Rajat pulls Swara’s leg and they both falls into the river. And Rajat die finally and police got his dead body.

But Swara’s body is still missing and the entire Maheshwari and Goradiya family is worry for her. When Sumi and Shekhar get to know about it, Sumi is totally broken down. Although Dadi is taking care of Sumi but due to Sumi is pregnant already, everybody is worry about her.

Ragini and Lakshay arrive in the Goradiya house where everybody had been seen consoling each other but Ragini needs to left for her Sasural (In-Laws-House) now. Shekhar also give his nod for letting her going in her Sasural as in the Maheshari house everybody needs her.

Ragini cries and hugs her dad Shekhar. Lakshay went and seek everybody’s blessings and he is giving assurance that anyhow he is going to search Swara but till now Sumi is totally broken down.

On the other hand, Sanskar too jumps into the river to save her, unfortunately, he fails to save her and now he can recalls only last words Swara (I love you Sanskar). Sanskar is now unconscious, while Durga Prasad asks the police to search Swara by hook or crook! Durga Prasad and Ragini feel that Swara is alive and she will be coming back to home.

On the other hand, Parineeta meets Rajat’s fake parents and saves them from getting arrested as the main plan was plot by her. So if the Rajat’s fake parents will be getting arrested then she will be too getting arrested.

Now Sujatha and Annapoorna bring Uttara back home from hospital and she is shocked to know about Swara and Sanskar. They get worried about Sanskar’s condition as he needs proper medical treatment.
In the mean time, Dadi is blames Sharmista’s unborn baby for the unfortunate incident and she calls the unborn baby profane.