Sanyukt 5th October 2016 Written Updates Episode! Puja leaves the house

Sanyukt 5th October 2016 Written Updates Episode! Puja leaves the house :- ZEE TV most exciting interesting program, Sanyukt looks like a fabulous extraordinary show, which gives the great voltage potential that makes to the Sanyukt supporters.


Sanyukt 5th October 2016 Written Update

The traditional TV series Sanyukt ever made to give goose bumps to the spectators with its never falling dilemma way and quickly the important crux of the program is to showcase in the freshest episodes that, Puja quits the house and Rita eyes her going. After that, she recognizes the girl in front of Father. ila questions whenever Rita tells that her father was a big illegal one time, and says that she is the daughter of Don Ramakant.

Actually, Govardhan lashes at him irately, at the deplorable childhood. the lift closes, and the sign goes off. Govardhan imagines that he wiped out the call. Sameer sits on the seat, upset and shocked, as he hears te last boarding call, for his standards flight. Govardhan and ila are strained when the telephone doesn’t get past. In the interim, more same gets up and starts to go. the screen solidifies on puja’s and Govardhan and ila’s strained face.

Where In the last episode, Dandiya is on in complete swing, as Govardhan and ila enjoy, although the sons and their ladies dance with complete fervour.

Where In the latest episode, Puja goes out. Rita eyes her going. she recognizes the young lady before guardians. ila inquires as to whether Rita says that her dad was a major criminal one time, and tells that she is the girl of Don Ramakant.

they are astounded at more same’s choice.more same gets the call from the taxicab. she advises him about puja’s entry. sameer is disappointed that puja came to there and says that she doesn’t know anything about puja and him, and thus she shouldn’t remark.

He says that he can’t do anything now. she is stunned. he says that he has left for the air terminal and that he might call her once he achieves paris, and suddenly drops.

She is distressed to see this. puja requests that her let be, as its pointless at this point. ila apologizes. puja asks her not to, as she knew they were vulnerable, but rather still she came hee. she chooses to disappear. she gets up, prepared to go, however, ila and Govardhan are strained as they eye her going. puja all of a sudden falls oblivious.

They, hurry to take care of her. The specialist checks and treats the young lady, as she lies on the bed. he tells ila, that she blacked out because of an oblivious state, and soon she might wake up, and requests that she let the young lady rest.

He likewise requests that her counsel a woman specialist. ila is boggled. he illuminates that it’s required as the young lady is pregnant. he takes off. ila is shocked to hear this.

She puts the window hangings around her and afterward leaves the room.As sameer is checking in, ila rings him, and illuminates about puaj’s pregnancy, and censures him for abandoning her like this