Saudamini shouts Bundela! Kawach 16th July 2016 Episode Written Updates

In the last week episode of the horror TV series Kawach, it has been the showcase that how Manjulika entered in the Pari’s body and complained to Rajbeer that mom is not treating her well and she was in a hotel with whole Bundela family but still mom is in no mood to believe her.

Kawach Episode Written Updates

Kawach Episode Written Updates

Kawach Episode Written Updates

Rajbeer has been seen consoling her and he also said that his trust is always with her. Saudamini arrives in the Bundela house eventually and she sees that Pari is sitting in a cornet and she is crying. Saudamini goes towards her to see her white scary eyes.

Janki watch is and she is scared now and run away from the site, Pari is the pledge to leave her to both Saudamani and Manjulika as even now Saudamani take over the Pari’s body.

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In the mean time for a while, Pari managed to make her free from the clutches of Saudamani and Manjulika and she run to the hall where she asked Janki that how both Saudamani and Manjulika tortured her.

Janaki asked to her don’t worry I will help you to see that gradually Pari started behaving weirdly with her and she also warned to Janki that stays away from me and my revenge unless I will kill you.

Janki also notices that Pari started showing her scary face and she started climbing the pillar of the house. Janki screams and Rajbeer appear from the downstairs to see that Pari is unconscious faint in the floor.

He became anxious to see her and asked Janki that you should take care of her and offer water to her and Pari get conscious and Rajbeer takes her in their bed room. He asked Pari to take rest and till now the soul left Pari.
Then Saudamani announced that she is back in the Bundela house and she will be seeking revenge from the Bundela family anyhow and she will use Pari for that.

Precap: Pari will be having a Kawach of Kaali Maa as then Manjulika can’t enter her body and she will be also wondering how Saudamani comeback in the Bundela house after 30 years. She will be keen to find out the reason.

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