Shagun looks on angrily! Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th July 2016 Episode Written Updates

The Show stars with Ruhi regretting about her behaviors with the Ishita in recent past. She thinks that how she can hurt her Ishimaa, who loves her a lot. She was feeling guilty and want to apologize to Ishita.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode Written Updates

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode Written Updates


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode Written Updates

Then, she think that she would please Ishita by telling Pihu that Ishita is her real mom. Then, she think that this is not possible as Pihu is a small child and it is not easy for her to learn that Ishimaa is her real mom. Then, she remembers Ishita used to explain her everything by the means of stories in her childhood and she decide to do the same.

Then Ruhi went to Pihu to tell her the truth. She saws that Pihu we getting bored, so she decided to tell Pihu the stories of Lord Krishna, who has two mother Deviki and Yoshodha.

But Pihu says that, this story can’t be true as none of her friend has two moms and this kind of things happens in movies. Then, Ruhi thank how she will tell Pihu, that she has two mothers Shagun and Ishita.

Meanwhile, Raman was seen talking to Inspector and he told him to find the culprit behind the Ishita’s kidnapping. Then, Ishita came there and asked him why he is tensed?

Raman told him that ” now you and Ruhi went back into his life, so there is no point to marrry Shagun. Although, she has given 7 years to this house in the absense of your but i don’t love her, so i will not marry her”.

Then, Ishita suggests her that Mani is perfect for Shagun and she will talk to Mani for Shagun, but Raman told her to wait as he will talk to Shagun first.

In the next scene, Amma was telling Appa that she has headache and she can’t food. Also, she want homemade food but does not want Appa to cook food as he will mess the whole kitchen.

Appa asked Amma to dien at Mrs. Bhalla’s house. Amma told him that, Mrs. Bhalla has mix wine in her coffee last night and thst why she has headache.

Then, both went to Bhalla house for lunch. Mrs. Bhalla welcomes them for lunch and Amma told Ishita how Mrs.Bhalla had given her wine.

Meanwhile, Shagun reaches there, Raman asked her to come with him as he want to talk to her. On the other side, Adi went to Mihir and asked him the ways to impress girls.

He told Mihir that he is getting handsome day by day and asked him to teach him how to impress girls. Mihir replied him to ask all these thing from his dad and chachu. Although, then he promise him that he will teach Adi how to impres girls.

Raman talks with Shagun in a romm. Raman told Sahgun that he really cares about her and she has done so much to his house, but he can’t marry her. He also proposes her to marry Mani.

Shagun says I am fine and i don’t want to get away from my kids and she will not marry Mani. Then, Sahgun leaves the room and came to another room.

Shagun started getting angry and was seen telling that “Ishita want me to leave this house, but i will never let this happen as I have given 7 long years to this house and now she want me to get married to Mani”.

Then, she receives a call and told that person that let Anil remain in the prison for some time as i also need some time.

In the next scene, Mihir was worried about suggesting the tips to Adi about how to impress the girls. Then, he thought that he will discuss about this to Ishita and Raman.

Then, Mihir decided to search online the tips to impress girls, so that he will tell Adi about this. Meanwhile, Pihu will come with her homework to Ishita.

Ishita explains her that it is a solution and explains her everything. Pihu smiles and says Ishita that ” Ruh didi told me the story about Lord Krishna. Is it possible that a child has two mothers. Ishita cries after listening this.


In the upcoming episode, fans will witness that Ruhi will ask Pihu to say Ishita as Ishimaa and Pihu will say Ishimaa and Ishita will start crying.

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