Shah Rukh Khan To Receives Honorary Doctor Degree From Edinburgh University

The Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan all set to receives very prestigious title which is honorary doctorate degree from the Edinburg University of Scotland for his excellence contribution on the Indian cinema. The cine-artist is overwhelmed to receives such a huge honor and he literally wish to share the news with his fans. So the actor took his official page of the micro blogging site and he write apart from posting a picture in which he is indeed holding the prestigious degree in a lavish brown color suit. There is little beard in his face which is making him more handsome and dapper.

Shah Rukh Khan To Receives Honorary Doctorate Degree From Edinburgh University

SRK Receives Doctor Degree From Edinburgh University

Well, he tweeted, “I am a Doctor all over again…yay!!” – SRK (@iamsrk)

The 49-years-old movie artist is currently there for the shooting of his upcoming film “Dilwale” with Kajol. He shares his total happiness in series of his tweets which says, “My speech today is about Life Lessons at the Edinburgh University & my biggest learning is Life is the only Miracle” – SRK (@iamsrk)

“Her Royal Highness & Prof. Jeffery & Smith & all ur colleagues thank u for the Degree of Doctor Honoris Causa” – SRK (@iamsrk)

“Thx all & remember ur happiness is not tied 2 the things u think it is, it is tied 2 ur ability to shine. Don’t ever let ur lite grow dull” – SRK (@iamsrk)

SRK added further in his tweets. By the way, the superstar is expecting lot from the much anticipated movie “Dilwale” as with the movie he is making his comeback with none other than Kajol after ages. So, SRK-Kajol most loving and favorite Jodi of the tinsel town is making comeback with the movie “Dilwale” which is directing by Rohit Shetty.

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