Soumya & Surbhi Is Surprised! Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 25th July 2016 Episode Written Updates

The show stars with Soumya coming into the room and was looking tensed. Harman asked her why she is upset and told her that the king size bed is just for her and he called her Queen and asked her to take rest.


Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Episode Written Updates

Soumya picks up the glass of milk and gave it to Harman for a drink and told him that Mumiji asked her to give this milk to him. Harman asked her to sit with him and as he did not get a chance o talk to her.

Harman informs Soumya that he had called her once but Surbhi picked up the call. He also questioned her whether she is happy with the marriage or not?

Then, he tells her that he is so happy after marrying her like poor feels, when he get to win a lottery. Then, Harman touches her hand and calls her Gulabo and asked that when he jumped her house, he was completely unaware of the fact that she will come into his life like a beautiful punishment and a punishment which he can bear for next 100 births.

Soumya shies. Meanwhile, Saya was in the room and think she should be ready know as time has come and she think that the time has come to support the drowned person.

On the other side, Harman was appreciating Soumya for her beautiful face and he was about to kiss her but he hears the voice of persons shouting that fire has been caught. Then, he went to check the fire.

Saya, also thinks that what happened? she assumes that everyone will come to know the truth and she should also go there. Harman, Preeto, and Harak Singh reached there and found that fire has caught up in the curtains o the house. Then, Harman along with Karak Sing controlled the fire. Meanwhile, Saya entered inside the Harman.

Then, Preeto asked Harman and Soumya to sleep separately as an “abshagun” will happen if they will sleep together. Harman opposes this and told her mother that he is now a married man and he has right over her wife.

He asked his father to make her mother understand this, and Kharak Singh tries to do but Preeto stopped him from any argument. Then, Preeto blamed Soumya for this fire,

Surbhi did not like this and started an argument for this and told Preeto that why she is blaming her sister for all this? But Harman interrupts and agrees to Preto’s wordings. Then, Preeto asked Soumya to come with her and asked her to sleep with her.

Then, Surbhi called Nimmi and told her all this incident. Nimmi became happy and told Surbhi that everything happens for a reason. Surbhi get confused and asked her mother, not to support Preeto.

Next morning, Nimmi asked Maninder to bring back Soumya for her pagphera rasham. Maninder got angry and refuses to get involved in Soumya’s matter. He says that she has put blood on her head by taking the name of Soumya.

Nimmi replies that she will do everything by her own. Meanwhile, Saya thinks that why nothing has happened till now, as first wedding night between Soumya and Harman. Then, she decided to decide to not leave the house until he will not get succeeded from her mission.


Surbhi asks Maninder who dare to gift Soumya a snake and who is the person, who hates her that much?Nimmi will listen to all these and tells Surbhi that Soumya’s father hates her and he has given the snake to her. She also asked Surbhi to stay with Soumya for next 20 days and told her that whatever she is doing is doing the right of Soumya. Surbhi gets stunned and clueless.

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