Soumya gets sad! Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 27th August 2016 Episode Written Updates

Soumya gets sad! Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 27th August 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The show starts with Marriage broker bringing groom and his parent to Maninder’s house and told them that they are looking for an educated girl. Maninder praises Surbi. Nimmi asked Surbhi that she must meet the guy as his father will not choose a wrong guy for her. She also told her that she can only protect Soumya and it is only possible when she will get married.

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Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Episode Updates

On the other side, Harman and Harak Singh were getting ready for going court. Preto blesses Harman and gave the flying kiss to Harak Singh. Soumya calls Harman and asked him to eat curd. She makes Ravi eat curd and they left. Soon, Varun comes there and make some excuses and left for someplace.

Meanwhile, Surbhi agrees for marriage and sits in front of the groom and their parent. They asked her about her education and became happy with her as she told them that she is pursuing the MBA. They agreed to marry and Maninder Singh asks them to marry soon as her sister is going to America soon.

The groom’s parent agrees to it. Varun reached there and asked them whose marriage is going to happen. Maninder says Surbhi’s. On the other side, Harak Singh and Harman comes back from the court. Preeto asked them what happened. They told her that court gave us next date but a decision will be on our side.

Preeto asked Raavi did her family allowed her son to meet her? Raavi cries and says no. Preeto asked her to Aardas to Mata Rani as she will help her.

Meanwhile, Varun told Maninder and his family that he want to marry Surbhi and he asked Surbhi to tell her family that she loves me. Surbhi says Are you mad? I never loved you.

Nimmi denies and says we cannot allow our daughter to marry in the same house. Mainder shouts and asks Varun to leave. Harman gets a call and his friend invited him and Surbhi for a dinner. Soumya comes there and asked Harman to not get Ravi and her husband gets divorced as this will affect their child.

Harman asked Soumya to shut up as otherwise, she would have been clapping with other like her. Soumya cries and Harman realise that he said such harsh words. He apologises to Soumya, but Soumya holds her hand and told Harman that he has done many favours to her.


In the upcoming episode, Preeto gives beads saree to Soumya and asks her to wear. Soumya says Harman is very tired today and says I will wear it tomorrow. Preeto insists her to wear it tonight. Soumya wears saree and asks Harman to help her. Harman asks have you gone mad and asks her to sleep. Soumya thinks if I was a normal woman, then things would have been different. She thinks she will get just hatred and refusal..gets sad.