Shanti gets shocked! Mere Angne Mein 27th April 2016 Episode Written Updates

The last night episode of the TV series “Mere Angne Mein” begins with the Shivam signed on the divorce papers and Shanti along with Sarla moved to Riya’s home. In the Riya’s home Shanti asked her to sign the divorce paper and she did so. Now afterward, Riya handed over the divorce paper to the Shanti and Sarla.

Shanti gets shocked! Mere Angne Mein 27th April 2016 Episode Written Updates

Shanti and Sarla are in the celebration mode as they succeed in driving out Riya from the Shivam’s house and the Shivam’s life. Now Nimmi and Vyom had an argument, in order to keep the dress in the (Cupboard) Amirah. Riya’s father and Shanti had an argument and they broke their relation. Also Shanti discussed her achievement with Riya, as how she managed to drive Riya out from her in-laws house and she also said proud fully to Riya, now you will be never coming to the “Mere Angne Mein”.

Riya got to know everything and shocked to know so, Shanti and Sarla leaves from there. Riya is shocked to know that she is being victim of a Shanti’s evil plan. She planned to get Shivam back in her life as it is because of Shanti, today she loses Shivam.

And in tonight’s episode of the TV series “Mere Angne Mein” it will be shown that Riya will explain everything to her father Anupam and then he will ask her to save her relation. We will see that Riya will be taking decision to drive away Shanti from the Sadan house and Riya also makes a grand entry in the Sadan house. Everyone is shocked to hear so, and looked shocked to.

Riya had been will be seen appearing in total Indian cultural attire, and Kaushalya will be seen misbehave with us but Riya will be seen unaffected with the scene. Everyone, in fact the entire, Sadan family is shocked to see Riya’s entry and they all wonder what the Riya’s next plan is. Stay tuned for the more updates of the TV series “Mere Angne Mein”.