Shanti is crying! Mere Angne Mein 24th August 2016 Episode Written Updates

Shanti is crying! Mere Angne Mein 24th August 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The show starts with Sarla waiting for Rajendra and Bansi’s call. Meanwhile, Nirmala comes back home and Sarla gets shocked. She asked her how did you come ? Nirmala says should I not suppose to come? Sarla says No and then, scolds Rajendra and Bansi for not their work properly.


Mere Angne Mein 24th August 2016 Episode

Pari comes and asked Sarla to give her money to buy the new clothes. Sarla asked her to lend money from Shanti as today is Janmasthmi and she will definitely give her money. Pari arrives at Shanti Sadan.

Everyone was looking happy. Riya thinks now she cannot hide any truth from Shivam. Nimmi compliment Kaushalya as she was looking beautiful.

Sarla shows her old sarees to Shanti and asked for new one. Shanti gives new saree to Riya and asked her to swing the Kanha Ji. She told Riya that she will take care of the family.

Riya does the bathing of Kanha Ji with milk and she also did other rituals. Then, Shivam and Riya does other rituals too. Meanwhile, Pari went to steal the money from the purse of other family members.

But, she found the medicines and prescriptions in Riya’s purse. She smiles and thinks Shanti trust Riya and now it will be going to fun.

Pari put the medicine and prescription in in front of Shanti. Shanti asked whose medicines are this. Pari, I don’t know but Riya’s name is written on it. Shanti checks it out and finds that these medicines are to stop the pregnancy of Riya.

Everyone get shocked. Shanti asked what is this Riya? Riya says I am not ready for baby and told Shivam that I was going to tell you everything. Shivam says you could have informed me. Riya answered her that I was afraid of you.

Shanti and Shivam went angry on Riya. Shivam leaves and Riya followed him. Shivam removes all the posters of the baby from his room. Riya told him that she was not ready for the baby.

Shivam told her that this is the mutual decision and how you have taken this decision by your own. Shivam leaves the room.


In the upcoming episode,Shanti cries and says I don’t think we can see next generation. Kaushalya says don’t say this. Shanti says I will not hear baby’s cry in my house in one year.