Shivanya Attacks Suri! Nagin 12th December 2015 Episode Written Updates

In the horror TV series “Nagin” now Shivanya finally get to know the Suri’s identity and it is reveals that he is one of the people who killed Shivanya’s Maa and Baba. The last week episode started with the entire Raheja family is having meal together where Suri is also there. Suddenly Suri’s wife catches fire in her Saaree and while Suri tried to off the fire he gets his hand burnt. Shivanya appear to put water where she noticed that Suri is having 6 fingers in his hands.

Shivanya Attacks Suri! Nagin 12th December 2015 Episode Written Updates

Nagin 12th December 2015 Episode Written Updates

Suri also gets to know the real identity of Shesha and Suri also gets to saw the transformation Shesha in to “Nagin”. Anyway, somehow Suri saved his life and rush to his house. Let’s talk about the stuffs of tonight episode of “Nagin”.

The upcoming episode of soap opera “Naagin” will be showcase that Shivanya is worried as astrologer said that Ritik is having risk and danger in his life from his wife. But Ritik trusts Shivanya blindly while his mother Yamini is worried for him as well skeptical about Shivanya.

Anyway, next scene shows Shivanya and Sesha have to think something soon. And Shivanya have to kill Suri anyhow as Shivanya get to see his real identity.

Meanwhile, Ritwik and Shivanya share sweet moment and she try to stop him from seeing the photo of her childhood. . Ritik teases her. Ritwik snatch the photo from Shivanya.

Ritik gets Shivanya’s childhood picture and Shivanya does not want him to see her parents. She is scared that her truth will come out, but instead Ritik take care of her emotion and give her picture back to him.

Shivanya gets all her memories of her dead parents and cries. Ritik wanted to surprise Shivanya with the picture. Ritik want to frame the picture and hang on the wall but Shivanya refuses as she is scared her truth will be comes out. Ritik is trying to become a good husband.

By the way, tonight Shivanya goes to attack and kill Suri. She will be come in to her Naagin avatar to bite him. But Suri will be saved as he will be having protection from the ring which is in his hands. The ring is Mahakali’s ring which is having by the entire enemies of Shivanya.

The question is whether the Naagin will not be able to harm him or still will be harm him.

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